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In 1992, SOS Children's Villages established an emergency relief programme in Tete when the harvest failed because of drought throughout southern Africa. Since then, the programme has been repeated annually with the aid focused on children suffering from malnutrition, mothers and pregnant women. An outreach programme for children in neighbouring villages was set up in 1995 which provides day care and regular meals for over one hundred small children … more about our charity work in Mozambique

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Tete, Mozambique

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Tete, Mozambique

A child sponsorship report from Tete in Mozambique. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

We are delighted for the opportunity we have of sending you this progress report which is intended to give you information regarding to your sponsored SOS Children’s Village Tete.

On behalf of SOS children living in this village, we would like to inform you that all children are in good state of health at the moment except one child who is undergoing to medical treatment and we are happy that the child is improving well to the medication. Above all, early this year, the Village management took a very important role in safeguarding children’s health. Two children, who had serious ailments, were taken to a special clinic where they could have a specialized treatment. It is a pleasure to inform you that both children are fine.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Health organised a campaign to spray houses to combat mosquito which are vectors plasmodium responsible for malaria disease. To this end, all the family houses and youth facilities were sprayed to ward off mosquito bites. In addition, children sleep under mosquito nets.

The health circle of SOS children in Tete received a boost through a Brazilian Citizen who volunteered herself to assist the children. She is a nurse by profession and has started the activities on 7th May this year. She collaborates with the SOS clinic officer. Her role, in collaboration with SOS co-workers is to guide and orient on health issues of SOS children as well SOS co-workers.

SOS Children’s Village Tete now counts with 149 children in the family houses and 33 youth in youth facilities. Six children have been admitted into the Village in April including a one-month old baby girl (at the time of admission). The SOS mother of the baby is proud and she pays great attention in taking care of the little girl.

So far this year, there has not been transfer of children from family houses to Youth Homes. But currently, purchase of basic needs like beds, bed linen, mattresses, kitchen utensils and furniture is under way.  The Youth Home will also undergo maintenance for comfortableness of the youth therein. It is projected that about 30 children will be transferred to Youth Homes along this year.

The SOS Nursery is still going ahead with the tasks of infant education. Unlike last year in which the activities started at a low note, it is different now. 103 children have been enrolled for this present school year of which, 9 are SOS children and the rest from nearby communities. The lessons started on 1 February. Parents and guardians were invited to be informed of how the nursery lessons were to be conducted this year. The parents and guardians of the children were also given opportunity to give their views.

In the late years, Tete City has been witnessed of an inflow of people from other provinces of Mozambique including foreigners principally as a result of coal mining industry. This in turn, affected negatively school enrolment process because of high number of children now living in Tete City.

However, through the organised efforts by the SOS staff, all school-going SOS children have been enrolled at different schools. This year, 6 SOS children are attending university education at Catholic University, meaning that there has been an addition of two children this year and. 5 are attending technical college.

SOS Children’s Village forms part of other communities. As such, SOS children are taught community life which consist performing domestic tasks just like other children from communities do. The tasks include cooking, general cleaning activities, house decoration, gardening and others. Moreover, the SOS children and those from the communities under care of Family Straightening Programmer (FSP) have formed a single team which competes with other teams at local level.                                             

The SOS Children’s Village through Family Strengthening Programme continued with community outreach efforts that include supports a great number children could not been sheltered at the village. As result, children from Caphaia community have progressed to secondary education this year. Given that there is no secondary education in this community, 15 children have been enrolled at SOS School. Caphaia is located about 16 kilometres from SOS School. To easy transport difficulties, the FSP bought bicycles for each child to enable them to continue with their education.

On behalf of SOS children, we would like to close up the report by wishing you all the best for your continued support to the children entrusted to this SOS Children’s Village Tete since it would make them successful citizens of tomorrow.

SOS Children's Village Tete