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Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Pemba, Mozambique

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Pemba, Mozambique

A child sponsorship report from Pemba in Mozambique. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

Through this report please accept greetings from the SOS Children’s Village of Pemba on behalf of children, mothers who lives in and of SOS co-workers in general. It is our nature that yearly we give you an update of our wellbeing which is possible thanks to your permanent support. First and foremost, allow us to express our heartfelt thanks for your financial and moral support in our day to day life here, support that helps us to shape the future of children entrusted to this SOS Children’s Village Pemba as well as to guarantee a loving home for our children.

The SOS children’s Village Pemba, started the year 2012 with 177 children namely, 150 in the family houses and 27 in the youth homes. In February, we integrated a two weeks old young girl, which made a number to rise to 178. However, in March, we lost one child, a young girl who died due to serious diabetic attack from which and even a great assistance she had from the hospital, she could not resist.

Meanwhile, almost all the SOS children are in a state of good health. Right at the beginning, the village benefitted from the spraying campaign against mosquitoes in all the houses which was conducted by the Ministry of Health. This guaranteed that our children should live in a better environment free from mosquito bites and infection. As contribution, the village is carrying out medical examinations to all children. This is very important to the health of children as it would help to discover the most hidden diseases and get the correct treatment in time, hence prevention is better than cure. The process is underway but we can say that generally, they have had a good start.

In addition, two young girls were reunited to their biological families. Presently, the SOS children’s Village is taking care to a total of 175 children.

The SOS children’s Village Pemba has two Youth Homes one for boys in a rented house from community and another for girls which is within the village both (youths) are under the care of two temporary youth leaders. Among these, two are at the university doing accounts and auditing.

The SOS Nursery is serving both SOS children and those from the communities. This year, it opened with 103 children enrolled but presently, the nursery is taking care of 90 children in total which of and according to the information, the other children followed their parents on transference to work out of Pemba. As matter of information the Nursery has successfully enrolled a quiet number of children into different schools in our area thanks to the well remarkable work that was done last year.

Education for SOS children is always a priority. On 10th January, the village management organised a meeting to give tips to children on the importance of educations. The children were also given room to give their suggestions and anxieties. The school was officially opened on 16th January, 2012.

Given to difficulties to enter into public schools and universities, the SOS management organised a mechanism in working with professional or technical schools so that children can get at least a skill in their future. As we are writing this report, apart from those children who are in the technical schools, this year, one child is expected to start a course of nurse, while seven will start at the institute of Agriculture.

The City of Pemba has growing number of tourists and merchants flocking into it. This is in response to some touristic activities taking place in Pemba and in the nearby Islands. Many companies have emerged as a result of oil and gas mining companies in the Basin of Rovuma River in the Northern eastern part of Mozambique. As a result, there has been a direct increase in the prices of basic needs. The SOS Children’s Village has not been affected with this due to the provision of such eventualities in the budget.

The SOS Family Strengthening Programme (FSP), is doing a lot in the communities it supports. The FSP assists in areas of education, food security, small scale businesses and home based care. FSP is also responsible of some kindergartens that are providing education of the children at the grassroots.

On the 25th May, the government launched the month of the children at SOS children’s Village. According to the Government officials, their coming was to bear testimony that they are satisfied with the work that SOS is doing in promoting the Child Rights. The Government thanked the SOS family internationally, and also all sponsors who are doing a lot in educating the Mozambican nation through SOS children’s villages.

Finally, we all thank you very much for your unceasing support to SOS Children’s Village Pemba through with, we provide a permanent home to children whom by many reasons lost hope for their future.

SOS Children's Village Pemba