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Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from N'Djamena, Chad

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from N'Djamena, Chad

A child sponsorship report from N'Djamena in Chad. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear Sponsor,

Great is our joy to write you in this summer to inform you about the SOS Children's Village activities in N'Djamena that you support leads in favour of children. This period in Chad is a time of rains and agriculture activities. It also announces the holidays for pupils.

Politically, the country has just completed the series of elections that have been started with the municipal election and installation of new mayors elected.

In the social field, the cost of living continues on. The situation worsens with the food crisis plaguing at Sahel. This can lead to cases of child abandonment and accentuate the phenomenon of street children.

However, SOS Children's Village N'Djamena is doing its best to take care of the children under his charge. With 118 children well fulfilled, SOS Children's Village in N'Djamena has known two departures of children. 20 children became teenagers and are being transferred to the youth home. Which enable the Village SOS to admit new children.

The SOS Children's Village in N'Djamena has hosted several visits and received various donations from partners. These donors include: Care International, FAO, Kempinski Hotel N'Djamena, First Lady Hinda Deby, etc..

In addition to the 118 children of the Village of N'Djamena, the organization provides a support through the Family Strengthening Programme (FSP) to 639 beneficiaries (children and adults) living in their families. The children of these families and guardians receive food support, health care, education support, training and awareness of health hygiene, HIV / AIDS etc.. A Head of a family supported by the FSP seeing his life improved said: "What will I do with my grand-son in N'Djamena if the FSP is not coming in support?"

In order to properly educate children, the Nursery and SOS Primary School lead their activities without interference with encouraging academic results. Village SOS and the Family Strengthening Programme (FSP) children are well teached. Children of the surrounding neighborhoods also attend these structures. Note also that IT is taught in this school.

Support of orphans and vulnerable children is complete via the SOS Medical Center that provides appropriate care to these children. The Centre also provides its services to the surrounding population. Services provided include: curative and preventive consultations (general medicine and pediatrics), antenatal care, surgery, laboratory, ultrasound, vaccination and screening.

In short dear Sponsor, with your support, SOS Children's Villages Chad is normally fulfilling its mission for children. And an opportunity is given to us to send you on behalf of children thanks, for your support without which, many children would not find a smile.

SOS Children's Village N'Djamena