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Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Meru, Kenya

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Meru, Kenya

A child sponsorship update from Meru in Kenya. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

It’s summer time and we at SOS children’s villages Kenya hope you are doing well.  We are fine and going on well too. 

SOS Children's Village Meru

The Village Meru has had many activities since the year started and all the children are glad to be in the environment.  Currently, the village is happy to report of having five (5) new children and this has totalled to 129 children in the entire village, 74 being girls and 55 being boys.  The mothers are happy to watch their children grow well and in good health.  They cannot wait for them to reach secondary school and move on to university.  By so doing they would really feel proud of their children and be encouraged to take in more.


The SOS Nursery has a total of 98 children.  Out of this, 80 are from the community while 18 are from SOS Village.  During the term, the children were involved in various activities that built their knowledge as well as had fun.

The Nursery has also admitted new children while those who had qualified to join standard one (grade 1) did so at the beginning of the year and they were 16 in total.  Those admitted in nursery were 32 in total and amongst them 3 were from the village.  They feel nice being in the new school.

Amongst the activities that, took place included mothers and teachers meeting, which was held to help them to work together in fulfilling the vision of helping the children shape their own future. Issues of academic, discipline, social and general behavior were discussed in this meeting.

Education performance

It is worth to note that fifteen children joined boarding schools and they have adjusted very well.  They are happy to have some evening classes so as to boost their grades academically.  They are also able to assist each other with individual studies as most of them belong to the same class.  They really enjoy being in boarding school though they also miss being home and cannot wait to close school so that they can go to be with their mothers, brothers and sisters.

In general, Meru Village children are positing an above average school performance with the Village Educator working without tiring; and with the help of the village Director, Youth Care Co-workers, mothers and teachers to ensure good results are achieved.

Family Strengthening Programme Meru

The Family Strengthening Program in Meru has picked up on a high note as it has ventured into assisting the needy families in the community.  Six interim community management committees have been formed from the stakeholders of the six locations that are dealing with the program. 

Various activities took place involving children. The Care-givers were briefly taken through ways of handling children and identifying their needs, age gap and handling bereavement with children. Among the games prepared for children included interactive games, drawing, scrabble, badminton, hide and seek games, football, netball, draught, skipping, kite making, colouring and block building for small kids. A total of 200 children took part in the activity.

During the training, the facilitator took the caregivers through parental responsibilities, alternative forms of discipline, child protection policy and child rights and their responsibilities. The facilitation was conducted through discussions, questions and answers sessions and plenary session.   A total of 30 caregivers participated in the training.

Visit by the first ladies' choir

SOS Children’s Village Meru was privileged to be visited by the Kenyan first lady choir, that came to record their Patriotic Music songs at the village. The Choir was led by a former staff of the village and everyone was happy to see them.  What made everyone feel excited about the visit is that they had a gift for each child.  They gave food donations and they as well contributed some money to keep the village moving.

Thank you for your continued commitment, love and care that have made a difference in SOS Children’s Village Meru.

SOS Children's Village Meru