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Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Gode, Ethiopia

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Gode, Ethiopia

A child sponsorship report from Gode in Ethiopia. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

We feel very much honored to express our heartfelt greeting for you and your family. We are glad to share you the activities that have been undergoing in SOS Children’s Village Gode.

Children’s Life

Currently, the village is a loving home for 124 children. All the children except one toddler are enrolled either in School or are attending nursery. More than half of the children are ranking students and those who stood first to third were awarded by Gode community education bureau. Special natural science classes are arranged for five students who will take the International General Certificate for Secondary Education (IGCSE) exam. Four high ranking girls were awarded together with outstanding co-workers and staff who worked more than 5 years on SOS mothers' day celebration.

A new pedagogical center has been established and computers in the IT laboratory were networked which made sharing information easy. The school has fulfilled teaching material for high school and nursery. Assessments on grading policy of the school and satisfaction survey on the learning teaching process have been conducted and actions were taken on findings. The nursery on its part is preparing to graduate children in June.

Higher officials from the Somali regional government have visited the village and shared their life experiences. The girls benefited from orientation on teenage life management skills. Counseling service was provided on misbehavior along with training on social norms for all children in junior grades. The hygiene wing of the child parliament along with the environmental sanitation campaign club conducted supervision on all the family houses. The sport wing has also organized different competitions during the first semester school break.

Community support

The family strengthening programme is supporting 600 children with their families; all children are attending school or college. To improve upbringing skills, families were trained on child care, parenting and how to avoid harmful traditional practices. Most beneficiaries are now self-sufficient and are engaged in different income generating activities. The program is still accepting new children without parental care or who are at risk. Similarly, SOS Gode Medical center provides 24 hour emergency and ambulance service and treats more than 60 patients a day.

Emergency program

The emergency relief programs launched following the drought in the region has continued its support to the affected. This time the primary target beneficiaries have been pregnant women, nursing mothers, grandparent headed households, orphan households and chronically ill parents. They were provided with improved nutrition, clean drinking water and health care services.To support pastoral and agro pastoral dependent communities whose livelihood is destroyed; the program has constructed tukuls and latrines. On the other hand, donkeys and donkey carts are distributed and are expected to be income sources as well as transporting mechanism for fetching drinking water.

Our deepest gratitude goes to all the good things you are doing to help us provide a home filled with love, respect and security for every child.

SOS Children's Village Gode