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Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Gabu, Guinea-Bissau

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Gabu, Guinea-Bissau

A child sponsorship report from Gabu in Guinea-Bissau. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

We hereby share with you some information about the SOS Children Village that you have been long sponsoring.

SOS Children’s Village Gabu

Gabu Village has currently one hundred and ten children. 10 children were newly admitted, of which 5 girls and 5 boys aged 1-6.

Gabu region is not endowed with many schools or with a youth home and for that reason the village Management is required to send boys to Bissau to allow them to continue their studies. Last September we sent to the Bissau Home 10 boys so that they could pursue their studies. Right now there are 30 youths form Gabu attending SOS primary and secondary school in Bissau.

Cultural and Sport Programme

SOS mothers and youths attended a wreath-laying ceremony in honour of National Heroes on 20 January.

On 18 February the Village choir group participated in regional Carnival festivities and came in third place thus enabling it to be part of the group that represented the Region in nationwide Carnival festivities in Bissau.

Under celebrations of International Women's Day SOS mothers and women traders organized a lecture on 8 March involving sporting exchanges and poetry recital by children.

On March 31, ten SOS youths participated in the SOS lecture organized in partnership with PLAN International by the child parliament on types of child abuse perpetrated against children in the Gabu region.

SOS International Nursery School

In February Village children participated in several activities performed at the nursery to celebrate carnival and organized a parade in the school yard in the presence of their SOS Mothers and Educators. The nursery has now nine SOS Children, of which 2 girls and 7 boys.

SOS International Primary School

Regarding academic achievement of SOS children/youth in the first term, results were satisfactory since, out the 47 pupils currently attending the SOS School, 12 of them have learning difficulties and are being monitored on the basis of individual plans of education by the teachers themselves. As for the fifty SOS students studying at “Jocum” and “25 April” high schools, 11 of them face learning difficulties and being monitored by the teaching quality team.

Medical Centre

Our children undergo medical treatment, if need be, at the Village dispensary. A nurse is always available there to assist and a General Practitioner goes to the Centre twice a week, on when emergency circumstances warrant such visits.

We thank you for your generous contribution to the welfare of your sponsored child and wish you much joy and happiness next to your family.

SOS Children's Village Gabu