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Over 600,000 people live with HIV/AIDS in Cameroon, but limited healthcare means many do not get treatment. Hundreds of thousands of children have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS and many are forced to work to support their families. Near Yaoundé and in Douala, we help parents with HIV/AIDS support their families, and provide a home for orphans. … more about our charity work in Cameroon

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Douala, Cameroon

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Douala, Cameroon

A child sponsorship report from Douala in Cameroon. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsors,

We are pleased to come through this, bring you the latest information on the life of the SOS Children's Village in Douala Cameroon.

As regards to our village, it currently its effective is about 118 children that is: 51 girls and 67 boys currently living with these children are now living in happiness with the arrival of the first rain that put an end to the long dry season that had engulfed the entire coastal region of the country.

As to what concerns their health, all our children are doing well, many suffered from malaria last months despite the existence of nets.

Academically, the second term shows general satisfactory results as regards to their performance which rate of success is about 90%. The results of such analysis has identified that mathematics is a challenge to most of our children. In this regard, discussions are currently envisaged with the collaboration of educators.

Our special focus is on the General Certificate of Education Ordinary level which our children are candidates for the first time. In this regard, new timetables for school work at home are been established in collaboration with the three applicants in order to maximize their chances of success.

In the Village, development activities are organized for children. Within this framework, they were recently given an information session on education and vocational training opportunities and the development of school and professional project.

Adolescent boys who are to be transferred to the youth centre are actually benefiting preparations and their programme will finished in next July. It is also important to note that several socio-educational activities are carried out by our children and include: Scouting, dance, music and finally karate which the club has just won a departmental trophy and three medals.

March 08, international women’s day gave rise to a party in honor of the female staff.  It was the right opportunity to pay tribute to the many women in the SOS Children's village Douala who, in the shadows and silence, fully devote their time to shape the world of tomorrow.

Dear friend, all the activities above reflect the effectiveness of life in our village. And this has been possible through your constant generosity, once more; we want to welcome its fair value. 

In the coming months, we planning to organize a number of activities on vaccinating coverage of all our children and a campaign for screening and prevention of oral diseases for the benefit children and the surrounding community, the realization of an operation called 'A child, a birth, and the opening of a hostel for young boy.

The relationship between the village and the surrounding community is imbued with respect and courtesy. For this purpose, we have just taken part in the enthronement of the new traditional Chief of our community Mbanga Bakoko. Our children and the staff move safely. The quality of the services offered by the Village is very appreciated by the population.

Regarding the government, we maintain very good working relationship with state’s decentralized services having a relation with our missions. These relations do not give us a right to a particular treatment.

Dear friend, this is briefly presented the recent information of SOS Children's village Douala  We would like to reiterate you our appreciation for the constancy of your sacrifices to the benefit of our children. We assure you of our availability to inform you regularly about our village life.

SOS Children's Village Douala