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sponsored children in Guinea
In Guinea, thousands of births are not attended by medics and preventable disease claims the lives of many children. In three locations, our supporters deliver essential healthcare to help the most vulnerable children thrive in their early years, and child sponsors like you provide a loving family home those with no one else. … more about our charity work in Guinea

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Conakry, Guinea

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Conakry, Guinea

A child sponsorship report from Conakry in Guinea. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

We are pleased to extend our warmest greetings and appreciations for all you have done during this semester despite the worldwide financial crises. Your financial support had made positive and valuable changes to the entire administrative work more especial to the lives of our SOS children.


All our 89 SOS children amongst which 55 are girls; some are going to school and some who found it necessary to be oriented for manual trades are doing so in safe condition. Presently some of our youth girls to be resettled are constantly visiting their families in order to create stronger family link before their departure. 

Our newly admitted SOS children have integrated the life in the Village and feel happy living in a safe environment with a loving family. Most of them who are at the age of going to school started school and doing well with their lessons.

Early this June, all the children in the Village school will be sitting their final exams after which the school will be closed for the summer holidays. Once on holidays many of the youth girls will have the opportunity to do some holiday jobs as already arranged by the village director. This opportunity helps the youths to inspire some new things about the outside world and get to mingle more with people from the community.

On March 8, 2012, to magnify the women’s day and contribute to the health care of the SOS children the central pharmacy of Guinea made a donation to SOS Children’s Village of Conakry. The SOS children, accompanied by their SOS Mothers, aunties and the village director received the 572 doses of Albendazole in the presence of the village nurse. This estimated gift of 3.432 tablets will be used in the coming days to fight against worm infections for the SOS children in the Village and those from the SOS Youths’ Home.

SOS Clinic

This gone February 2nd 2012, the clinic organized an awareness-session on HIV/AIDS as it is a continuous process in collaboration with the Young Medical Doctors’ Association from the head hospital in Conakry. All the SOS children and youths likewise those from the community were participants. The objective was to inform the adolescents not only on HIV/AIDS and its consequences, but also to adopt behaviors and preventive measures.

SOS International Nursery School

Now that the children are preparing for the closing program some of most of circular activities are reduced and focused on educative outings in and out of Conakry. On April 16th 2012, all the children of the Nursery School visited a radio station in the community called "Familia FM" located seven kilometers far from the Village. The objective of the visit was to help the children discover new things and change their environment of learning as well.  The children were very amazed to see for their first time journalists carrying on activity in a broadcasting studio.

SOS International Primary and Junior High School

Two activities essentially marked this last semester for the school year; one was the day of awards to the best students at the end of the different evaluations and the other was the organization of a cultural day during which students performed some traditional dances, fashion shows, theatre and ballet (choreography). All the students had fun and ended the day with a dance. These extra circular activities are opportunities for our students to improve their artistic and sportive skills while in school.

Family Strengthening Programme

Today the Programme impact is positive through the life status improvement of families who are now financially apt to support their children and their parental care reinforced. This year families who have reached the normal time on the programme and have adequately managed their generative income activities will be leaving soon. This will allow the programme to take in charge other new families because the need of recruiting is very high. Even though the need is always very high due to the high rate of poverty the level reached by the programme in Conakry is encouraging. The programme now has 484 amongst which 233 are girls. Some are all going to school and some others doing manual trade of their choice.

As we finished with one half of the year, we are starting with another half that could be constructive and fruitful with your continuous support towards our SOS Village of Conakry and its ancillary projects.

SOS Children's Village Conakry