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In 1992, SOS Children's Villages established an emergency relief programme in Tete when the harvest failed because of drought throughout southern Africa. Since then, the programme has been repeated annually with the aid focused on children suffering from malnutrition, mothers and pregnant women. An outreach programme for children in neighbouring villages was set up in 1995 which provides day care and regular meals for over one hundred small children … more about our charity work in Mozambique

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Chimoio, Mozambique

A child sponsorship report from Chimoio in Mozambique. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsors,

We take the opportunity of writing you this mid-year report with a view to inform you of the current situation regarding to SOS children Village Chimoio.  To let you know that at the moment, all the children are in good state of health.  Also to state that these children are in good hands under care of lovely SOS mothers, aunties and the village director, including the good collaboration of all SOS co-workers.  And it is important to refer that there is a nurse working at the village who plays also a very important role within the village by giving basic principles of hygiene.

The SOS children’s Village Chimoio started operating in June 2011 with a total of 40 children, 19 girls and 21 boys at first.  So far, the village has admitted 76 children aged from 0 through 11 years old.  From this number, 40 are boys and 36 are girls, living in 8 family houses.  The process of admission of children still underway and we are expecting to reach at least a total of 100 children before end of the present year of June 2012.

Apart from the mothers dedicating their time to helping their children to improve their marks at school, they also create an environment for then to learn skills and practice by doing small vegetable gardens within the village compound.  These gardens consist in growing all sort of vegetables such as, maize, pumpkins, tomatoes, cabbages, sweet potatoes, cassava, etc. which at times becomes as an addition food to their regular meal for the day.

Among all the children within our village, 45 aged 6 through 11 years old are enrolled into the school system at the primary education in the neighborhood school, while 27 aged 2 through 5 years old are attending the SOS Nursery.

SOS Children's Village Chimoio