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Living standards are rising as China undergoes rapid development. However, children continue to grow up in struggling families amid poor conditions, particularly in rural areas. In ten Children's Villages across China, we give the most vulnerable children a loving home … more about our charity work in China

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Chengdu, China

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Chengdu, China

A child sponsorship report from Chengdu in China. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

By the end of June, Chengdu Village has newly recruited 2 kids. Currently, there are altogether 117 SOS kids living in the village, among which, 23 in Youth Home and 94 living in 15 SOS families. As to education, there are 17 kids learning in SOS Nursery, 48 pupils, 27 middle school children, 15 high school youths, 7 junior college youths and 3 university youths. According to our statistics by now, there have been all 95 SOS adults departed village and begun their own life.

The kids who were sent to play tennis in Suzhou Tennis Training Center have returned back because of the breakdown of the center. Except one who has been admitted by Binzhou Sports School in Shandong Province for further training, the other four now all have restarted their new life. Three of them are transferred to Grade six in a nearby primary school, and the other elder girl is sent to learn some specific skill for work in the future. All of them have been accustomed to the life in the village well enough.

The multi-function activity center project sponsored by LV China has completed. We invited guests from Louis Vuitton on Children’s Day to join the commissioning ceremony for the center, and it also ushered in its first show. Our children gave their wonderful celebrating performance on the center stage, accompanied by the professional sound and light supplies. The show received great response from the visitors and the village was full of vigor and laughter that day.

Youth Home continues to play its role of promoting democratic management. In order to help the younger ones who newly move there, elders are encouraged to integrate more into the younger ones’ life and study, setting a good example for them and instilling their positive influence. As summer vacation has come, the facility assistant is busy with helping the children find summer jobs in supermarkets or car washing station. It is important for these children to understand the meaning of doing a job, and the difficulty to earn money, thus realizing the importance of being mature and independent. Recently, the study teacher for the youth resigned, and a new teacher is needed to be employed for the youth. Right now, the employment advertisement has been put on the job market website, and we hope to recruit a satisfactory one as soon as possible.

The second class has been carried out consistently during the school year. As summer vacation has come, the types of the specific class are diversified, adding drum practice for children who are interested in. At the same time, volunteer teachers are asked in to help children with their summer work and make progress on their study. In order to enrich kids’ vacation life, the teacher in educational department is planning a summer camp which is supposed to launch at the beginning of August. Currently, she is engaged in finding sponsors and making specific plans.

This year, there are altogether 153 kids studying in nursery, including 17 SOS kids. The whole institution is under sound operation, continuing to make progress on teaching performance, for example, the “Half open day” activity has been carried out successfully, giving a chance for both teachers and parents to exchange their own opinions and increase mutual understanding. At the same time, the nursery has attached importance to the advertisement to spread its fame in the neighboring community, and through all members’ efforts, the number of children to enroll in the nursery has increased a lot than before. This year, the majority of the teacher group (24 in total) is the young teachers lacking in enough teaching experience, in order to improve the teacher’s quality and guarantee teaching performance, the head teacher and leading teachers have made detailed plans, demanding every teacher to interact and exchange with colleagues about the teaching feeling and to get feedbacks from the parents in time. Despite the progress made through the past half year, we are clear about the shortcomings and the aspects that we still need to make efforts on. We will continue to be hard-working on the work and try to achieve a better performance as time goes by.

SOS Children's Village Chengdu