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Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

A child sponsorship report from Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

It is a pleasure to come to you with best wishes for the summer and update you with the major deeds of SOS Children’s Village Addis Ababa in the last six months.

Developing our children

Continuing with our effort to reach more children without parental care, the village admitted three children to its big family. All the kids are now fully integrated with their new family. In order to increase the quality of our services the second phase of the village renovation has been fully completed and the third phase is about to begin. On the other hand, seven of our youths started to lead a fully independent life and we find that very fulfilling. 

To support the academic performance of children, tutorial and group study sessions are organized as per the grade level and class performances. As the first semester final examinations depicted there is a significant improvement in the children’s results. Besides, to farther improve the academic performance of youth, two mini libraries were set up for boys and girls youth facilities. The nursery is also preparing to graduate its children in June. 

A general medical checkup was also conducted for all children, mothers and aunts. Vaccination was given to children below the age of five. Likewise, children with different behavioral changes have been attending counseling services. Among them some exhibited substantial progress while the others are showing gradual change.

Reaching out to the community

In the last few months, the SOS social center has continued attending to the needs of the community. Tutorial classes are arranged for 480 school going children. In the same manner, house renovations have started for 5 houses that were dilapidated. On the other hand, eleven caregivers who trained on crochet hand craft months ago were provided with startup materials from the program. The caregivers have now started production.

The services being provided by the Medical Center include preventive and curative services. On average around 60 people visits the center daily. Besides this, the Medical Center provides home to home visit and inspections in the village and the day care center on a weekly basis. Under the preventive service of the center 1200 children from the family strengthening program family and the nearby community were fully vaccinated for pneumonia, measles and other diseases as a proactive measure.

Special event

The President of SOS Children's Villages International, Mr Kutin, visited Addis Ababa Village and SOS Social Centre. In the event the president provided an honor ring for 4 SOS mothers who worked above 10 years and for 2 national office long service management members. Children from the village circus, taekwondo, music and scout clubs presented their shows and brighten the day with different colors. The youth on their part presented inspiring poems, gifts and thank you notes for the president for his major contribution in the organization. 

In another event, SOS mothers’ day was colorfully celebrated on March 7. Related to this, all the mothers and aunts participated on the 7th Women First 5km run accompanied by 9 girls from youth homes for girls. In addition, 20 youth, 33 children and 5 mothers took part in the 10th great Ethiopian run and had a wonderful time together.

We are always grateful for your continuing support which in turn helped us to raise children with the necessary support.

SOS Children's Village Addis Ababa