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India is home to 1.2 billion people, yet one out of every three girls growing up here will not finish primary school, and 40% of its adults cannot read or write. You can give a child an education and a happy childhood by sponsoring a child in one of our 34 SOS Children's Villages in India. … more about our charity work in India

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Varanasi, India

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Varanasi, India

A child sponsorship report from Varanasi in India. This charity report is from the end of 2011.

Dear sponsor,

As the year comes to an end, with the festive spirit  spread in the air, we would like to thank you for believing in our endeavour and lending support so as to enable us to make a significant difference in the lives of innocent children who have been robbed off the safety and sanctuary that is provided by the family. We the members of SOS Children’s Village Varanasi would like to come together in expressing our gratitude for your benevolence, on which thrives our efforts. Following is a brief overview of the work that is being done in the village.

SOS Children’s Village

Our Village has completed 25 years of service in childcare. At present we are providing a happy home to 207 children. The children are admitted to nursery and formal schools while the grown up ones are attending universities and colleges and specialising in vocational and professional disciplines. The children who appeared for the tenth and twelfth standard board exams performed well. One of our girls secured 95% marks in the tenth standard exam. 61 boys in our youth home are also faring well. After completing their education our 3 youths are working in various sectors. It is a proud moment for us when we see that many of our boys and girls are settled in the mainstream society through marriages and jobs. All in all, our children and youngsters are taking steady steps towards building a secure future for themselves.   

Another area of concern for us at SOS Village is to ensure that our children are hale and hearty. Yearly medical check-up of all the children is undertaken in collaboration with nearby hospitals. With proper nutritional and medicinal care our children are growing well according to their age.

Other than meeting the basic requirements of the children like food, shelter, education and health care, we at SOS Village try to conduct special programmes all the year around in collaboration with individuals and/or organisations with a view to enhancing the personal and inter-personal skills of the children and fine tuning the proficiency of our mothers and co-workers.

Festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Independence Day, Janmashtami, Basant Panchami, Navratra and days like SOS day, Mother’s Day and International Day of the family were celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm. The children were at the helm of affairs in decorating the village home, organising and exhibiting cultural programs and making it a memorable and emotionally rewarding experience for everyone present. Other than this there were other activities aimed at spreading awareness among the children, mothers and co-workers. On International Earth Day the SOS CV family was sensitised towards the harmful effects of plastic. The children were involved in a drive to rid nearby areas of plastic. We also had a yoga camp and awareness program on sex education, health and hygiene. All in all it was an eventful year for everyone in the SOS CV family.    

Family Strengthening Programme (FSP)

Under FSP programme we are extending support to 215 families and more than 600 children. We have formed 14 self help groups to optimise the efficiency of the program. For the livelihood needs of the beneficiaries we have provided them with cattle, small shops and other sundry items. They are also given vocational training so that they can have an individual source of income. For the proper education of their children coaching classes are also arranged for.

This brief letter was an attempt to keep you informed about the kind of work that we have been able to carry out in SOS Children’s Village Varanasi. We have been able to have a fulfilling year both for our children and the mothers and other co-workers owing to the timely and generous help offered by you. Your faith in our cause and the manifestation of it in the form of monetary and other help has gone a long way in taking our cause a step further. We the SOS Children Village family express our deeply felt gratitude.

SOS Children's Varanasi