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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Rafah, Palestinian Territories

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Rafah, Palestinian Territories

A child sponsorship report from Rafah in Palestinian Territories. This charity report is from the end of 2011.

Dear sponsors,

A half year passed and it is a great pleasure to greet you again as a valuable and important member of our world – wide family whose kind support helps us to provide a better environment to your sponsored facility.

SOS Children's village – Rafah - Gaza

In last May the village was able to provide care to 111 children. Thank God, we care of 111 children:  78 children and 33 youths. During the last few months new seven children were admitted to live in the village , they are welcomed by all SOS community. Besides two children re-united with their biological families and one youth girl left the village for marriage.

After holding theoretical and practical  training program for new aunts, four  ladies were chosen to work as aunts in the village. So now there are eleven mothers and five aunts offer care and love to the children.

SOS Children's Village Rafah organized the championship of Global Peace Games in September of 2011 aimed to spread the meanings of Peace and cooperation and reinforce trust in the community. This event included several sporting activities like Marathon, football matches and telematch games. It lasted for one week and it has more than 15 Association, Schools and Sporting Clubs. We are proud to say the one of our children won the first position. Besides, there were telematch games were held for our children who didn't participate in the other games. Telematch contained interesting activities made the children happy to participate in the Global Peace Games.

The football matches were launched as of 3 matches per day, all children and the participant had a wonderful time in the activity and they showed a lots of efforts to win this contest, SOS school team won the first rank in football championship. The participants and the spectators showed a great support to the players, they were cheering and motivating the teams. For the last day of the championship, many Club leaders and organizations representatives attended the final Ceremony to handout the prizes to the winners, the participants expressed their appreciation towards the SOS Village and its efforts in organizing and holding the sporting games every year and giving them the opportunity to play within the great meaning of the Global Peace Games.

SOS welcomed Ramadan holy fasting month with great happiness. The SOS mothers bought for their kids (fanous Ramadan, nice lamb with different shapes and pretty lights) which is basic habit of Ramadan and make the children so happy playing together especially after having meal. In this occasion number of organizations like Paltel Group, Gaza power generating company and Human Appeal international invited the village for group meals; some in restaurants and others in the village. After Ramadan they celebrated Al featir feast in cheerful atmospheres.

I would like to thank you for being all these years together with us, for helping and supporting. Your help is really important and needed.

SOS Children's Village Rafah