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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Puducherry, India

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Puducherry, India

A child sponsorship report from Puducherry in India. This charity report is from the end of 2011.

Dear sponsors,

Another year comes to a close and so does another chapter in SOS Children Village Puducherry. A year that saw positive interventions happening in the lives of young innocent children who would have otherwise been left to their own devices hadn’t it been for your kindness. As an acknowledgement of your support and help, we at SOS Children Village Puducherry would like to say a big thank you. In the letter that follows we enumerate the work that was done which made a difference in the lives of our children.

SOS Children’s Village

Puducherry is now a happy home for 148 children. This year was also the time when we sent our first batch of boys who have attained the age of 14 to the youth house in order to make them self-dependent. Overall SOS Puducherry extends family based care to 163 children. With respect to academics, many of our children brought laurels to the home. The standard tenth results were encouraging. Our 2 girls scored 94% and 92% respectively. Around five children passed with distinction.

Sound health of our children, mothers and co-workers is of paramount importance. Health camps were conducted in the village to identify cases of anaemia, dental and ENT troubles. The doctors from nearby medical college and research institute provided timely medical intervention. Children were also vaccinated against hepatitis B. all initiatives were taken to reduce the occurrences of diseases and infirmities.

Other than meeting the basic requirements of the children like food, shelter, education and health care, we at SOS Village try to conduct special programs all the year around in collaboration with individuals and/or organisations with a view to enhancing the personal and inter-personal skills of the children and fine tuning the proficiency of our mothers and co-workers.

While festivals like Pongal, Republic Day and Raksha Bandhan and days like Women’s Day and International Day of the Family, SOS Day were celebrated with great fervour, fun, games and cultural programs, various workshops and training programs were conducted to spread awareness and enhance skills of the mothers and the children. The areas covered included capacity building, stress management through yoga, emotional well being, career guidance, alternative methods of discipline, coping with adolescent issues, roles and responsibilities of a mother, art of living etc. painting and sports competitions were also conducted which saw a participation by our children. These and other such occasions/activities will most certainly go a long way in inculcating in our children a spirit of healthy competition, leadership skills and team work.

Family Strengthening Programme(FSP)

At present we extend support to 199 children from 109 families. 20 income generation activities were started so that the beneficiaries could benefit financially. The activities include fan coil winding, tailoring, embroidery, cow rearing, goat rearing, rice dough making, vegetable shop, petty shop, breakfast centre etc. The aim of the program is to make these vulnerable families self sustainable, stable units for the security of the children.

All in all it has been a fruitful and rewarding year for the children and workers at SOS Children’s Village Puducherry. This letter was a small attempt to keep you abreast with the constructive work that was put in. It wouldn’t have been a success without your generosity for which the SOS family along with the children are indebted.

SOS Children's Village Puducherry