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In Laos, a staggering quarter of the population live in poverty, while most children face countless hardships every day. Life in the countryside is particularly bad. SOS Children's Villages has been increasing our role in the country since beginning work in Laos in 1995 … more about our charity work in Laos

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Luang Prabang, Laos

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Luang Prabang, Laos

A child sponsorship report from Luang Prabang in Laos. This charity report is from the end of 2011.

Dear sponsors,

The Greetings Season of year 2011 will turn; from our part we would like to express our deepest thanks with gratitude for kind continuous support to our SOS Children’s Village Luangprabang. Hereby we have a honor to present some predominant achievements of our SOS works for the whole year 2011 to you.

SOS Children’s Village Luangprabang had a sincere support for 184 children in need for long term care living in 14 family houses with a strong leading from our Village Director and good understanding cooperation from our 11 SOS mothers and 8 aunties

132 children in need for long term care are now living in the village in which 7 in age from 3 to 7 were newly admitted at the 1st week of October, They are growing up in physical and mental state, enjoyed learning to live in clean habit and doing actively the house works which could help them in future to stand on their food by themselves in the society : in earlier morning they cleaned off the house inside and surroundings , washed their clothes , prepared the breakfast before to school ; after school together enjoyed doing the vegetables garden.

Almost of our children had good school results in the last academic year : 19 of them were the best students of school; 4 girls and one boy in secondary level as representatives of SOS School Luangprabang joined the best students contest in district level and won the 1st prize on Lao Literature and 2nd prizes on physic. In addition our 5 young girls and 5 youth boys who passed with proud the leaving examination of secondary school tried to attend to Souphanouvong university in different branches and 6 to vocational school in Samneua province, 300 km far from Luangprabang province. Our 3 young boys and girls who completed their vocational school on car mechanic , hair dressing, dress making and massage branches, integrated already with satisfaction in the society.

Our 27 youth boys were happy to live in 2 homes. Nowadays they tried to stand on their foot by themselves with a good care, help and guidance from our 4 educators and the good cooperation from their village mothers who paid visit for them at least once a month . Those children continued to keep doing the house works in daily life at youth house as same as what they learned from their village mothers in their family houses.

the market and together prepared the breakfast, lunch and dinner for themselves. They learned the administration in the family how to use correctly the monthly budget. After school doing vegetables garden, feeding fishes, frog and chickens belong of their activities. Besides that playing guitar, football, volley ball and betanque are their favorite sports. 2 of them were selected as good football players and became members of football team of the province. They joined the international competition in Vietnam and won the 1st prize.

25 young boys and girls at school Dormitory: kept their good relationship with the community where they live and had a satisfied result on education .On grand vacation they tried to visit their SOS families and spend their holidays together with their SOS brothers-sisters.

The school vacation activities become more interested by our children : A part of the routine activities in the village, our big children took part in the celebration parade on the 15th anniversary of Luangprabang province belonging of world heritage. In September of this year they were on religious festival in the morning to learn the Lao traditional culture and national religion, then in the afternoon enjoyed to see the boat racing on Nam Khan river . Some vocational practices such classic music instrument lessons, Lao cooking demonstrations, cakes making lessons, car mechanic and the process of paper production lessons were also organized for them..

SOS Nursery : 74 kids from neighborhood enrolled in 3 classes and 4 from ours in age of 3 and 7 enjoyed to have new friends . All of them interested of the various games activities.

For this year there were 3 from 6 very poor kids who proudly received the continuous scholarship, could pass from SOS Nursery to primary level at our SOS School Luangprabang.

Dear Friends and Sponsors, on behalf of all of our children, mothers, aunts and everyone here, allow us to express our hearty thanks with great gratitude for your generous and continuous support for our SOS works as far as for the bright future of our children in need and wishing all of you a strong health, peace and

SOS Children's Village Laos