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SOS Children's Villages has been working hard to improve the lot of orphaned children in Eastern Europe since the Seventies although it was only in the eighties that our first Village offered Family based care in the Czech Republic. Since then a large number have spread across Eastern Europe offering hope for... … more about our charity work in Europe

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Lavrovo, Russia

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Lavrovo, Russia

A child sponsorship report from Lavrovo in Russia. This charity report is from the end of 2011.

Dear sponsors,

This year SOS Children’s Village Lavrovo has turned 13 years old. When a child comes to a SOS Children’s Village every child gains home, siblings and mother who tenderly holds, heals protects that washes, feeds, blesses and never tired of care, who is happy not of being loved but of giving love… But life can’t be without parting. This year 14 elder youngsters finished school, entered different colleges and professional schools of Orjol. This year Youth Home Orjol – 1 (the 1st Youth Home in Russia) celebrated its 10th birthday. All the SOS Villages previous years leavers came to the feast together with their own children.

The Village children not only attend hobby groups but also participate in various events where they have an opportunity to demonstrate their talents and skills. In the beginning of November the participants of checkers club went to Belarus Republic to take part in the 4th International Checkers Tournament between SOS Children’s Villages of three countries. The little dancers and singers presented a festive concert for their teachers for the Teacher’s Day and are getting prepared for the regional “Sozvezdie” (Constellation) contest. The young Village performers usually take prize places there. On September 18th 10 children participated in the Marathon “Moscow Mile”.   The children have already decided that next year they will run a distance of 10 km”.

A lot of happiness and joy bring the Village traditional holidays. Children enthusiastically learn their roles by heart, however, rehearsed with moms, prepare costumes, etc. At these holidays winners in the competition are awarded with diplomas and gifts, funny contests take place, invited other children's groups with musical and dance performances. The Youngsters of the Youth Homes, SOS Village leavers, adult graduates of the SOS Children's Village, come to such family holidays. All Houses bake pies beforehand. And all the fests end with merry disco.

Some children as usual went to their SOS Mothers’ relatives. Owing to the support of local administration spent their summer holidays at the children’s camp of the Orjol Region. For those who were staying in the Village a computer club was working. Everybody had an opportunity to acquire computer skills and to play favourite games.

Thirty-three children went to the Black Sea shore. Seven five elder youngsters had a hiking trip across the Orjol district. The children would swimming and sun-bathing in two nearest rivers. From August 10th  to 20th a tent camp was organized for the teenagers of the SOS Children’s and the SOS Youth Homes. 

Thanks to the acquired skills during studies, youngsters and educators made repairs in the SOS Youth Home-2 replaced fence had plastered walls and laid tile. Girls cared for garden and planted crops, made vegetable preserves for winter.

Dear friends, together with you we give our children a chance at life, becoming successful in the future. We sincerely thank you for the fact that among the daily worries, problems and hassles you save heartfelt, notice the pain and misery of others, and share your warmth with those whom it is so necessary.

SOS Children's Village Lavrovo