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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Battambang, Cambodia

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Battambang, Cambodia

A child sponsorship report from Battambang in Cambodia. This charity report is from the end of 2011.

Dear sponsors,

Many warm greetings from children, mothers and co-workers of the SOS Children’s Village Battambang. As we come up the end of the year 2011, we are happy to submit a report on some of the activities that took place within the SOS Children’s Battambang.

In SOS Children’s Village Battambang we have a total of 148 children of age 2-17 years, include 69 girls and 79 boys. Each family home has ten children. Within the year, 19 children (10 boys and 9 girls) admissions were made into the village from various areas in the country and they are well adopted in new SOS family. They come to our village due to their family affairs such as parents divorce, death, social abandon etc. The yearly medical checks up have been done. Everybody is in a good health.

We have currently 12 youths living in the SOS Youth House. 2 youths just have passed national secondary school examination with the high score. They are in grad 10 and also outstanding students at SOS School Battambang. All youths are learning English at the private school. At night time youth leader also teaches English, mathematics and Khmer literature subjects them follow their schedule. At the weekend they always play football all together. Most of youth are doing extremely well and have been recommended for hard work and fortitude. The youth leader is working with them to support our youths who make their biggest effort in order to prepare for their future independent life.

We continue to work hard to improve upon the educational standards of the children. The academic year 2011-2012 started on September 21st, 2011. This September 147 children are attending SOS School Battambang. One small boy will attend nursery within the village next year. They are doing well. During the long vacation the children studied extra class such as mathematic subject, Khmer literature who was taught by educators. Beside study, Children are learning dance, Karate-Do, knitting, drawing, football and craft work etc. They attend the drawing class at FA organization. Instructor teaches them group wise according to their age. Some of them have well done.  Before Christmas day all children did a nice greeting card for their sponsors by them self. Our 14 girls have participated football competition in the occasion of 10th year anniversary of SOS Children’s Villages Cambodia in Phnom Penh January12-17, 2011. Our children won the 2rd prize in this competition. Many audients are interested in their playing. After a few months later, On September 10, 2011, it is a historical day and great events that our children (boy team) won the first prize of the football champion of the Futsal Football Champion 2011. They competed with many football teams and other football player from other organization. This Champion is organized by Salt Academic that always organized every September.

The SOS School Battambang has continued to do well in the academic, cultural and sport activities. Our school has 418 students who 95 students are on SOS scholarships for very poor family. SOS School is operating a full day’s programme and the students can access internet, computers and library room. This year our students have passed national secondary school examination100% with a good score. In the village we also hear the voice out from the nursery class during their time break which is never quiet. The SOS Nursery Battambang is always full of pupils. This year there are 103 pupils (56 girls and 47 boys) including 21 pupils are on the SOS scholarship attending either the morning or afternoon shift. They enjoy their school time with toys, games and their professional teachers.

Since 2009 a new program called Family Strengthening Programme has been deployed in Battambang to take care of difficult children at the community. We are supporting 215 children for education of their children. This year three boys have passed national secondary school examination and one boy will take national high school examination next year. We have also arranged training programme on self-reliance by generating income.

The most important event of 2011 was 10th Anniversary of SOS Children’s Village Phnom Penh we organized the opening of Dancing, Drawing and Poetry and football Competition in Battambang region in the whole morning that was presided over by any head of Departments Battambang. Moreover we did the final Competition in SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Phnom Penh. We had corporate with Department of Education Youth and Sport Battambang, Department of Cultural and Art Battambang to process this ceremony. The ceremony also was participated by all SOS coworkers, Local NGO, international NOG, and students in Battambang Province.

We would like to thank you and are deeply grateful for your invaluable support without which our effort and positive results would be impossible.

SOS Children's Village Battambang