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En Siev Eng builds a better life through education

En Siev Eng in school
En Siev Eng in school

In Cambodia, the quality and availability of primary education is poor. With the support of SOS Children, En Siev Eng, an 11-year-old girl from Battambang, has been given the opportunity to go to school, where she is looking towards her future.

En Siev Eng is one of six children. Her father is a taxi driver, and her mother grows vegetables for a living. Her parents were keen for their daughter to be able to complete her education successfully. Her mother says: “I want my daughter to be educated and not illiterate like me.” However, there is a lack of educational facilities in Cambodia, particularly in rural areas, and existing schools are unaffordable for many. En Siev Eng's parents earn approximately US $2.50 a day between them, and with all of their outgoings, could not afford to send En Siev Eng to school.

When SOS Children became aware of the family’s situation in 2010, we offered En Siev Eng, as well as her five brothers and sisters, scholarship places at the SOS School in Battambang. The scholarships also covered the family’s expenses for items such as stationery, school uniforms, shoes and bags.

500 children receive an education at the SOS Primary and Secondary School in Battambang. The SOS School has 12 classrooms and is renowned for providing a good-quality learning environment. Experienced teachers provide each child with individual attention and monitor their progress. As secondary-level education is particularly rare in rural areas in Cambodia, the SOS School offering both primary and secondary education provides a valuable service.

Two years after starting at the SOS School, En Siev Eng and her brothers and sisters continue to attend regularly. En Siev Eng now ranks fourth of 35 students, up from seventh when she first began. Her favorite subjects include English, maths, and computer science and in her free time, she enjoys reading books. En Siev Eng says that when she grows up she wants to be an accountant. She is keen to have a reliable and well-paid job, to support her family.

With the help of SOS Children, En Siev Eng has been given the opportunity to learn and now looks forward to a brighter future.

SOS Children in Cambodia

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