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HIV/AIDS is responsible for more than half of Zambia's 1.4 million orphans, and it is one of our key focuses here. We work in Lusaka and 3 other locations to provide medical treatment and ongoing support for families affected by the virus, as well as a loving home for children who cannot live with their families. … more about our charity work in Zambia

“Smiles all round!” Social enterprise donates profits to children in Zambia

Cecilia Crossley, Chief Executive of from babies with love
Cecilia Crossley, Chief Executive of from babies with love

'from babies with love' is a social enterprise which sells organic baby clothes online and donates 100% of their profits to SOS Children. Cecilia Crossley, Chief Executive, explains the development of the business and why she is looking forward to the opening of SOS Children’s new projects in Chipata, Zambia on October 10th. Watch a video of Cecilia below.

“When I had my son, watching children’s charities’ adverts and reading articles about the hardship children face all around the world took on new depth of meaning.

The tears in my eyes and the lump in my throat made me feel more determined than ever to do something. Whilst shopping for my son’s clothes, I thought to myself ‘if I could buy a beautiful baby grow, at great value, on an attractive website, and know the profit helps a baby in need, why would I buy anywhere else?’ The answer is, I wouldn’t!

And so I decided to set up www.frombabieswithlove.org, the first online baby clothes retailer donating 100% of the profits to orphaned and abandoned children. Our research shows that parents care deeply about orphaned and abandoned children, and, having learned about their fantastic model and important work, we’re proud to have chosen as SOS Children to receive 100% of our profits.    from babies with love logo

The first baby we’ve sponsored is a 12-month old boy from Guinea in West Africa. Sadly, his father died, and his mother was not in a position to care for him. Now, he has a new, permanent home at an SOS Children’s Village, where he can grow up safely, loved by his foster family and given an education.   

We recently received our first update letter from his Village. The stories of his development brought a huge smile to my face – from learning about his favourite toys, to his first session at nursery school. We’re sharing his news with our customers, so that as well as enjoying their purchases, they can also enjoy the knowledge that they’re helping vulnerable babies around the world. Smiles all round!

We’re also part of SOS Children’s new Village in Chipata, Zambia, where the charity is building new projects to help children in a deprived area. We’re contributing to building and running the new nursery school there. The nursery will care for around 90 toddlers from the new SOS Chipata Village and the surrounding community. It opens on 10th October and we can’t wait!

Our online shop launched in May. As we become established and our profits grow, we’ll be able to sponsor more and more babies. SOS Children’s Zambia Director, Florence Phiri, says: “When you buy baby clothes at from babies with love you have double satisfaction! You buy a great quality, organic product, and at the same time you help a child somewhere else – double satisfaction and double benefit!”

Watch this video of Cecilia explaining her support for SOS Children:

Be part of Chipata

SOS Children’s new Village in Chipata, Zambia, will soon be home to children left alone because of poverty and disease. A nursery and a medical centre will also provide valuable facilities for the community. Find out how you can Be part of Chipata.