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For over four decades, our supporters have helped provide a home, a family and a mother's love to children in Bangladesh. Our Children's Villages provide care and the best opportunities in five locations all across the country, from Bogra in the north to Khulna and Chittagong in the south. … more about our charity work in Bangladesh

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Sylhet, Bangladesh

A child sponsorship report from Sylhet in Bangladesh. This charity report is from 2011.

Dear sponsors,

On the eve of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, we remember with gratitude for your utmost help and support towards SOS Children’s Village Sylhet in Bangladesh.

SOS Children's Village Sylhet is situated at Dayamir Union of Balagonj Upazila (sub-district) of Sylhet district. It is located at 23 kilometer away from Sylhet town, near to the National Highway, well connected with Dhaka by railway, road and air.

SOS Children’s Village Sylhet has started functioning from 1 January 2011 situated on 5 acres of land. At present construction work of 14 unit Family Houses, Director’s Residence, Guest House, Aunts Residence, Co-workers’ Residence, Community Office, Social Centre, Garage, Workshop, Electric Sub-station, Village Master’s Residence, Underground Water Reservoir, Overhead Water Tank, Pump House, Guard Room, Walk Way and Children’s Playground has completed. Water and electric power supply has been ensured in the Village.

Out of 14, at present 7 families are functioning where 50 [Boy: 26 & Girl: 24] live under care of SOS mothers. The total numbers of Mothers are 7. Three full time Educational Co-worker works for the Children who live inside the premises.

Among the existing children 28 [Boy: 13 & Girl: 15] has been enrolled in a local nursery and school. Of them 15 are in Play Group, 8 in Nursery, 3 in Standard-I, 1 in Standard-II and 1 in Standard-IV who attend a local private nursery and Primary School. The overall result of the 1st and 2nd term examination was found very satisfactory.

Extra-curricular activities for the Children are organized by the Educational Co-workers. Two girls got prizes in the cultural competition on International Language Day 2011 in their school. Six children took part in the Hand Writing Competition on the occasion of Bengali New Year Celebration. International SOS Children’s Village Day was observed on 27 June 2011. Government Officer of local administration visited SOS Children’s Village and distributed prizes among the winners of children’s Sports and Cultural competition.

SOS Social Centre Sylhet

Family Strengthening Programme [FSP] is the main focused programme of SOS Social Centre Sylhet. It has been started from 1 January 2011 for the community children who live with their parents in vulnerable situation. These Children of the neighbouring community of SOS Children’s Village have been receiving direct support in education, schooling, nutrition supply, primary health care and counseling. Their family heads are also included with this programme in terms of counseling and motivation as they could be able to improve their socio-economic status. At present the total number of FSP children stands at 100 [boys: 48; girls: 52] from 86 families. The total number of school going children are 99; [non-school going: 01], of them 77 are attending primary education and 22 secondary educations in 10 Schools.

We are providing books and writing materials to all FSP school going children. As nutrition supply for the children food distribution is being done once a month. Study Centre has been activated from 1 July 2011 where all school going Children from grade three to above attends. At present the numbers of Study Centres are 5, for Primary education 3 and Secondary education 2. To carry over the programme 2 Senior Field Worker and 2 Volunteers are engaged.

You will be happy to know that the grand opening ceremony of SOS Children’s Village Sylhet will be held in a day of last week of January 2012 by our Prime Minister of Bangladesh. We are looking forward to share with you again about this exciting event next time.

Lastly, we are very much confident and expectant of getting your cooperation and help in the years to come. Best wishes for Merry Christmas 2011 and Happy New Year 2012.

SOS Children's Village Sylhet