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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Nairobi, Kenya

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Nairobi, Kenya

A child sponsorship report from Nairobi in Kenya. This charity report is from the end of 2011.

Dear Sponsor,

People say “Strength will grow from the heart, blossom as results, and wither in others' hearts as seeds“. Dear sponsor the seed you have given in the form of support has been very special to us especially in these changing times when the cost of living has gone up. Nevertheless, this has not deterred us from achieving our set goals. We hope our report will give you an insight of events that have taken place in our country, SOS Children’s Village Nairobi and its ancillary projects.

Economic status in East Africa

East Africa is poised with the highest growth on the continent at an average of 6 per cent by the end year 2011. Mining, agriculture, construction, finance, retail and telecom are the fastest growing sectors in the region. The launch of the East African Community common market has created a single trading and investment environment in which countries within will have access to a larger market. In the business environment Rwanda was considered a top reformer globally in the region while the rest of the countries dropped in rankings. Though there are good happenings within the region; the Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania shillings have plummeted against the dollar by over 20% while the inflation has climbed a historic level of approximately 21%. Nevertheless prudent monetary and fiscal policy measures have been put to help reduce inflation and keep interest rates low.

Relief food and water for school children and families

SOS Children’s Village Kenya has continued to be in the forefront in participating in community activities involving children’s welfare and child rights. Currently efforts  relief are concentrating in Marsabit on the North eastern region. SOS Co-workers are distributing food and drinking water to 3,100 pupils in five schools every day. At the same  time some 2,000 families from five villages (around 16,000 children and adults) are being provided with water and food through a voucher system. Furthermore SOS in cooperation with local medical centres are providing special food.

Loving Home

4 new children have found a loving home at the village in Nairobi and this brings the number of children in the family houses to 159. This comprises of 83 boys and 76 girls. The village is also a temporary home for a 10 year girl who was rescued by a good Samaritan along the Road. Co-workers from the village and government social workers are working hand in hand to try and trace her parents.

Champions of Governance Award

Worth Noting in 2011, is SOS Children’s Villages Kenya receiving the Champions of Governance Award. This is a prestigious award that is used to recognise organizations that have good governance. SOS was recognized for being the only non-government organization in Kenya that has promoted the practice of corporate good governance, creativity and innovation in both its administration and management activities. It was such an honour for SOS to have competed with other organization like the parastatal & statutory bodies, local authorities, Cooperative Societies and Pension Funds. 

Children’s activities

In the month of August, the staff and the children participated in a Kidz 4 Kidz carnival.  This was an event organized for the children where they had fun in riding horses & camels, bouncing castle, face painting and listen to tinga tinga tales. Other than that, four of our children presented a poem during the Child Online Safety conference. This was an international meeting that had met to discuss on child safety.

SOS Primary School & Nursery

It has been an exciting moment for the children at school this year where they excelled both in academics and in extracurricular activities. Worth mentioning is a recent external examination held where the students in grade 6 and 7 earned position 1 out of 30 schools. A five day training camp for the scouts also took place at the school during the August holiday. In extracurricular activities the students visited the giraffe centre, Mt Longonot and other history scenes in Mombasa.  Besides that the school was ranked position four in the country at the recent concluded music festival. At present a total of 257 pupils are enrolled at both the primary and the nursery.

SOS Technical and Training Institute

The training institute registered significant progress in all aspects of work during the current school year. Numerous training programmes meant to improve the quality of work were organised for both staff and students alike. Worth mentioning is the design dress that won 1st position in the fashion show and was also aired in one of the local television.

SOS Medical Centre

Over the years the SOS Medical centre has been able to provide effective quality health care not only to the SOS Children, staff and their families but also to the community at large. In the last half of the year, 3 health and nutritional talks were held as well as maintained 531 clients on ART programme. Besides that, 3442 children benefited from psychosocial Counselling.

Empowerment at the Family Strengthening Programme (FSP)

Studies have shown that many families that visit the FSP are often economically and socially dependent on their relatives, and alienated by discrimination. This year the FSP has been working towards empowering families so that the children are not left vulnerable. By joining the programme they have gotten the opportunity to be trained and thereafter are supported to start a project on income generation so that they may live independent and self determined.  Other programmes include family and children therapy sessions which have helped them identify issues in their lives that can change to improve their sense of peace, well-being and self-esteem.  Currently there are 676 families and 1556 children being supported at the FSP.

On behalf of your sponsored child, SOS Mothers, and co-workers, we send our appreciation and look forward to hearing from you.  We are wishing you a Merry Christmas, a prosperous and happy new year.  

SOS Children's Village Nairobi