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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from N’Zérékoré, Guinea

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from N’Zérékoré, Guinea

A child sponsorship report from N’Zérékoré in Guinea. This charity report is from the end of 2011.

Dear sponsor,

As usual after the celebration of the SOS Day June 23rd in our village our activities are reduced due to the departure of the children for their school holidays. Most of the activities are concentrated on administrative works. Heading meetings and organising training programmes for the mothers and aunties who remained in the village.

Before the children left for their school holidays a competition was organised at the village in which the children from the community took part. Football matches, basketball and volleyball were the different disciplines of competition held. The competition was very interesting for the children especially with the participation of teams from the community. Some of our boys who are very good players and were able to lead the few teams to trophy for the Football and Basketball matches. A team from the community won the Volleyball trophy. With these interactions with other youths from the communication the children gradually get involved and manage well collaborating with friends outside the village. 

In July 2011, we transferred 14 youths to the Youths’ Home. Presently the Village Admission Committee is conducting new investigation for children in need in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Welfare.  In our region the rate of poverty is high likewise the maternal mortality due to the lack of proper cares and unqualified medical doctors at the public hospitals. And sometimes it is due to lack of proper equipment and drugs. Our SOS Children’s Village of N’Zérékoré being situated in this region has always the need to admit new children although we cannot satisfy all the needs due to our limited capacity. 

SOS Clinic

In the framework of combating the HIV/AIDS educational pre-concert and awareness two sessions were organized by the village nurse in collaboration with the medical consultant. These sessions are continuous processes allowing our youths to be well informed about environmental hygiene and keep track of the risk of sexual transmitted diseases every time they are leaving for their holidays. It also prevents the children from getting involved in behaviors that will affect their health once on holidays. They always participate actively by asking questions for clarifications and better understanding of the topics.

SOS Youth Home

During the last period, one of the activities that attracted the attention of our youths was their participation in the Conference debate organinsed in July 2011, at the University of N'zerekore. The debate covered topics on the problem of employment that youths have today in our society. This Conference was moderated by a conflict prevention specialist in employment. The moderator who spoke on many problems leading to employment stressed on the good level of education. Today employment problem remains one of the most crucial facts faced by youths after their studies in our country. He urged the youths to have a future vision in order to complete their university or professional training to be considered as good future leaders.  After the conference the youths realised that the courage to continue their studies was necessary. 

SOS International Nursery School

Presently we opened our Nursery with 130 pupils amongst whom 49 are girls; we could have more pupils if some infrastructural difficulties we have are solved. Parents’ demands for orientation of their children are often very high. The limited classrooms and insufficient educators are factors affecting the Nursery. We will continue to organise some fund raising activities in order to be in able to satisfy this need in future if we meet the requirements.  But despite all these factors we give solid base education to our pupils every year enabling them to cope with the Primary School once they leave.

SOS International Primary and Junior High School

Classes reopened on 3rd October, 2011 for the year 2011/2012 school. But before this date, a general meeting convened on 17th September, 2011 was held. This meeting brought together all the teaching staff and board of directors.  According to the announcement of the Ministry of Education new education policy we discussed problems that could affect the school systems if they are not dealt with adequately. On this occasion, discussions focused on the successes and failures of the school year were active and the necessity to improve the quality including: the frequent visits of the parents, the improvement of school transportation, the purchasing of textbooks program and the safety of the students once in the school compound.

Despite these difficulties confronted with the lack of laboratories of chemistry, physics and biology whose acquisition could strengthen more the education system, our schools have always ranked among the best in the region. For the past national exam our school was once again honored. The first for the region came from the SOS Hermann Gmeiner International School of N’Zérékoré and all the candidates were successful ones. Today our school is the best of the best in the region!

Family Strengthening Programme

The Family Strengthening Programme continues to grow more and more in our region. Today programme is now extended to Yalenzou village situated 9 km far from N’Zérékoré.  The population of this village is very happy and embraced the programme with joy. Presently we are taking in charge 475 children from 110 family heads. It is not hidden that the positive impact of this programme continues to be a reality. 

SOS Children's Village N’Zérékoré