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SOS sponsored child in Mali
People in Mali face recurrent droughts and food shortages. The situation in Mali has been exacerbated by political violence which has forced tens of thousands to flee their homes. SOS Children's Villages works in three locations across the country, and has recently launched emergency relief in Mali to protect families affected by the fighting. … more about our charity work in Mali

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Mopti, Mali

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Mopti, Mali

A child sponsorship report from Mopti in Mali. This charity report is from the end of 2011.

Dear sponsors,

We are very happy to send you news about the SOS Children's Village of Socoura / Mopti in Mali.

Three new children were admitted during the year including a boy and two girls who quickly integrated their environment thanks to the climate that prevails in families and in the Village.

Yet, four (4) young people: two boys and two girls joined the Youth Home for vocational training purposes.

Presently, the village accommodates 136 children distributed among 14 family homes cared for by fourteen SOS Mothers and seven Aunts.

At the beginning of the rainy season, the region experienced a cholera outbreak in towns along the Niger River. Thanks God, the Village and its neighborhood have not been affected by this epidemic. Strict hygienic measures were taken. The health center also organized awareness sessions for the benefit of the community.

The number of typhoid fever cases with both children and employees has increased compared to last year. Thus, the Village undertook some actions, they concern renewing mosquito nets, spraying family homes and pits and increasing hand, fruits and vegetables washing with soap and bleach.

During the holiday children enjoyed many activities including: trip, summer job, hopscotch game, parlor game, playing marbles, basketball and football in the company of their comrades of the community in the Village facilities. This true integration factor gave the village a good atmosphere colored with cheerfulness during this period.

The children show great interest in socio-educational activities such as dress making, knitting, bogolan (traditional mud dyeing), dyeing, and drawing. These are means for children to express themselves and highlight their talent. They are also happy with the fact that one of their senior, a former child of the Village is now the seamstress of the School of Kita. All the children from the Village dream of becoming a football star, and each age group has its football team. Girls, passionate for basketball, followed with great interest the Women's Basketball African Cup of Nations hosted by Mali.

Very fulfilled, children are determined to work harder to be among the best pupils during the new school year, for the village cont on the culture of excellence. To do this, the best pupils are motivated with excursions and token gifts.

96 pupils are enrolled in SOS Primary School of Socoura including 66 primary school pupils and 30 in college.

The total number in SOS nursery is 27 children, including 14 boys and 13 girls. They have all been back to the nursery joyfully and happily since October 3, 2011.

The largest sibling of the village is composed of five children, two girls and three boys; the eldest is an eleven years old girl and the youngest a three years old boy. They are distinguished by their spirit of solidarity and belonging to the SOS family in which they live harmoniously with the other children. The eldest sister cares about all the little children of the family, for she was the one who looked after her siblings before their accommodation to the Village. They all attend schools with good results thanks to the support of the teaching staff of the village.

Two children of the Village were awarded prizes at the drawing competition organized by the Project WRITING HOPE OF KPMG in collaboration with the SOS Children's Villages Luxembourg and the SOS School of Socoura.

Five others won awards for their participation in the 2011 edition of HOLIDAY TALES held at the SOS Children’s Village of Sanankoroba by the Association of Young Malians for the development of French language in the Francophone world.
At the beginning of the school year, the Village of Socoura set an objective of reaching good results at school.

We would like to thank you for everything you are doing for the children.

SOS Children's Village Mopti