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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Kankan, Guinea

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Kankan, Guinea

A child sponsorship report from Kankan in Guinea. This charity report is from 2011.

Dear sponsors,

SOS Children’s Village

This year celebration of June 23rd, 2011 SOS Day was one of the most successful one ever held in our SOS Children’s Village. Many mining companies in the region of Kankan took part of the event and pledged to support few family houses. During the ceremony some donations were made to the village as contribution towards their good work done.

As June is considered as Child’s Month so opportunities are given to the children lead many activities. It is during this month that a sanitization program was organised by the Local Parliament group along with the children and youths of the SOS Children’s Village of Kankan.  The aftermath of this programme was the launching of a general cleaning that started by the SOS Children’s Village of Kankan.

SOS Clinic

The SOS Clinic is gradually extending to the community and collaborating with other medical projects in Kankan. There comes the necessity of qualified medical consultant and nurse. In this perspective the staff has been participating in workshops organised on children’s health at a regional level in Kankan. Many new medical methods for first aids and emergency were achieved.

Youth Home

In the perspective of helping the SOS youths to be involved in activities in their community, they took part in a training session organised by the worker of the Family Strengthening Programme in collaboration with the Local Parliament Council on Child’s Right. At the training they were enlighten on their rights and duties as youths. One most important aspect discussed was the encouragement of youths to have self-confidence in all they do by putting their right first and secondly recognising their duties as well. In July 2011, the SOS Youth Home received three new youths. The transferred SOS youths are all prepared for their new lives. They are happy to start this new journey to their independency.

SOS International Nursery School

We started this school year 2011/2012 with the number of 88 pupils amongst whom are 43 little girls. A new school curriculum with advanced methods has been adapted to our programmes by the Guinean Schools System. In addition to matchmaking programs and field trip activities, we will be organising sportive and cultural activities along with the celebration of birthday party for children by trimester. You will read about these activities in our next report!

SOS International Primary School and Junior High School

In view of implementing the new policy of the Ministry of Education to improve and professionalise the educative system we organised a day of reflection on factors that could negatively affect the academic performance of students. During the reflection along with other schools an educational support programme was developed adequately for students at every level. Since the opening of classes for the year 2011/2012 all students are regularly informed and guided by the new educational guidelines. The students are now to be evaluated every one month at the Primary School level and twice a month for Junior High level. Despite many challenges that are fundamentally infrastructural (lack of classroom), the individual and collective educational monitoring commitment gives hope for the achievement of the objectives for a quality education to students.

SOS Family Strengthening Programme

Presently in Kankan the Family Strengthening Programme is taking in charge 800 children from 145 family heads. The programme continues to extend assistance to other new communities in Kankan.

SOS Children's Village Kankan