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Algerian charity children
Following the earthquake in Algeria in 1980, SOS Children's Villages built a Children's Village in Draria, a suburb of Algiers, to help victims of the disaster. The fifteen family houses are now home to over a hundred orphaned and abandoned children … more about our charity work in Algeria

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Draria, Algeria

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Draria, Algeria

A child sponsorship report from Draria in Algeria. This charity report is from the end of 2011.

Dear Sponsor,

In this sunny days ,It is with great pleasure that we send you news from SOS Children's Village of Draria; we are proud of our children results ;Thanks to the school strategy, the recorded school achievement, at the Village, is very satisfactory: 100 % of success for the primary  school entry exam, 100% for secondary school and 100% of success for the University entry Exam , We continue to help children who have school difficulties by providing remedial classes and specific care: as a result, we did record a neat progress which is shown through a better school and family integration.

The number of beneficiaries continued to increase and our hospitality program has supported 119 children in 13 family houses, 37 young people over 14 years spread over 5 houses and 12 young people integrated and monitored in their biological families with material support.

Until June 30th, 2011, the (PRF) programme to strengthen the families has helped children most at risk of abandonment, which covers a total of 123 families, representing 356 children in the regions "of Algiers, Boumerdes, Tizi-Ouzou, Tipaza. »The security situation has suddenly deteriorated in the regions of Boumerdes and Tizi Ouzou, location of three of our programs to strengthen the family following the social and economic changes that have occurred in Algeria in the first half of 2011,

Prominence was placed on the capacity of our partners through training in the areas of leadership, management, planning and networking, in order to better ensure over time the sustainability of our programs.

We wanted to get closer families and children beneficiaries in order to improve their living conditions and their empowerment.

A partnership agreement was signed with the Belgian Embassy to cover two important actions in the region of Boumerdes; it is to develop the gardens of families in the town of Corso and equipment of the first kindergarten pilot in the town of Naciria.

The first half was marked by the participation of children and their families to the celebration of Women's Day March 8, the World Children's Day on June 1st and the day of the African Child on June 16th.

A rate of 100% success in college entrance examination is recorded in all of our programs, which is a sign of awareness of families about the importance of education for their children

The population within the village is getting more important and since January 2011, we recorded 08 admissions 06 admissions with emergency ordered by the juvenile court because of moral danger faced by children.

Our support continued to improve and offered special support to children with learning difficulties, behavioural, or has a health problem.

Educational assistance measures are also available to families and SOS PRF: psychological guidance customized training in child rights and child support, customized training according to identified needs.

The holidays are marked by the arrival of the month of Ramadan (month of fasting for Muslims) in August, a number of events will be organized to raise money during the month of virtue; the Algerians are very sensitive to the cause of children.
For the month of July, children aged 07-13 years will go to camp and preparations are under way, children under the age of 07 years and over 14 starts in a camp of 100 KM capital organized and supervised by the teaching staff of the village.

However, before going to a holiday by the sea, young people began their traditional summer internship in different areas (consumer survey, receptionist, and warehouse, ceramic ...) to develop or acquire new skills. Most young people participated in craft workshops, writing in the book festival and community work within and outside the village.

Various events are held regularly to raise funds or make known our mission: Golf competition in May, June 24 gala dinner for the Children, entertainment in the lounge of the child and during Ramadan this year we organize a collection of product donations, in a large shopping centre called "stores of the Heart."

This year, the nursery children with 93; 65 boys, 28 girls divided between the three levels, we finish the 03rd quarter of the school year, the final round of the children of the 3rd level that will join the first year primary school next September, the goal of being JESOS preparing the child for entry to public school, we are striving to develop all the parameters of school integration, diversification of activities, opening up of classes, field trips and early psychological screening.

The program of equipment and renovation of the structure to contribute beneficially to the profitability of space, the psychomotor development of children and the improvement of care, nursery continue to combine the activities of June 23 by a proposed program for children and for children.

We learnt that happiness not only laying in big accomplishments but truly in small everyday challenges we succeed to overcome.

Dear sponsors, we express, on behalf of children and staff, our sincere thanks for your support and wish you a great holiday.

SOS Children's Village Draria