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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Bataan, Philippines

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Bataan, Philippines

A child sponsorship report from Bataan in the Philippines. This charity report is from the end of 2011.

Dear sponsors,

A joyous greeting to you! Year 2011 passed by so quickly, but nevertheless, it brought us greater avenues for learning, growth and development. We are very grateful here in SOS Children’s Village Bataan for all the wonderful things we have gone through. We have a total population now of 96 children with 30 mothers, aunts and co-workers taking care of them. With this, we are very glad to share with you how the year 2011 transpired.

The whole village was quite pre-occupied during the first quarter of the year. Formation sessions on family and growing up were continuously facilitated by the pedagogical team to children. These self-developmental activities serve as a venue for children’s growth, learning and development. Continuous values formation sessions of mothers and co-workers were also facilitated. These were done to uplift and inspire our mothers and co-workers in their everyday life with our children. Training of youth leaders to lead village activities like the celebration of the Holy Mass, evening prayer and hosts during programs was also done.

To better equip our children with new learning through modern technology, twelve (12) computers were installed with internet connection to our electronic library. Through this acquisition, we also allow our children to experience internet access in doing their assignments. The village educators see to it that the children were properly guided in using the internet responsibly. Also, 16 of our children were enrolled in the Department of Education (DepEd) Alternative Learning System (ALS) Program. This program enables our children to help them cope up with their studies.

The children’s health is continuously monitored through their medical and dental check-ups. This is done to ensure children’s over-all physical health condition. SOS mothers and co-workers work hand-in-hand to properly achieve this end for our children.

The month of April was loaded with many exciting activities. It was a busy month for our mothers and children. On April 11-16, eight children joined the SOS Youth Camp held in Iloilo. 64 youth from the eight villages participated in this recreational and educational event. The activity allowed our eight children to interact and get to know their other brothers and sisters in the seven SOS Children’s Villages in the country. On the other hand, 60 of our children participated in the Sports Festival held at Palayan City, Nueva Ecija on April 13-15 which was organized by the Social Welfare agency of the government. They received the 1st runner-up award, with 13 medals and 13 trophies. Also, 15 children ages 4-11 years old participated in a children’s camp in Olongapo City from April 30-May 3. These activities enabled our children to be active and participative in the local community, thus enriching them socially.

By June, everyone adjusted in their daily routine after the two-month summer vacation because it is the beginning of another school year (2011-2012). The children were all very excited in going back to school and were happy to have new things for school. How delightful it is to see our children eager to learn once again and acquire new knowledge. Our SOS mothers and village educators were ever supportive of our children’s undertaking.

The month of August was another memorable month in the village history. A very nice program was prepared to celebrate our 1st year anniversary. The village conducted its first Village Committee Meeting simultaneous with the occasion, presided by Papa Bien, our very own National Director, and distinguished people from the community namely: Bishop Ruperto Santos, the Archbishop of Bataan church and the first lady of Bataan or wife of the Governor of Bataan, Madam Victoria Garcia. Some influential people from the local government and business sector in Bataan were also invited to grace the event. Our honored guests expressed their support to the village. A bountiful lunch was served to the guests, and a program was held to show the special presentations of children, mothers and co-workers.

Moreover on September 3, we had our pre-launching of the Family Strengthening Programme (FSP) which was held in the village. FSP is the community arm programme of the organization wherein we help the families in the local community support their own families through scholarships for the children and livelihood skills programme for the parents. With this, the parents are able to have income to support the basic needs of their children. Some barangay officials and indigent residents were invited, and the FSP was introduced and explained to them. An open forum was conducted to accommodate the listener’s inquiries. The said pre-launching was culminated with a community partaking/feeding which was enjoyed by everyone.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, our children were focused with school classes and activities. They also engaged in the supplemental activities in the village like baking lessons (Young Homemakers Club) and tutorial lessons for those children who have difficulty in some academic areas facilitated by the educators. Stimulatory classes were also being facilitated to children who are not yet enrolled in formal school.

As the year comes to an end, the village is quite busy now for the upcoming activities in the month of December. We have arranged a Dinner for a Child activity which was scheduled on December 9. Also, everyone is enthusiastic for Christmas because of the activity, “Ibalik si Hesus sa Pasko 2”. This is a nativity scene making of the Holy Family (Jesus, Mary and Joseph). Each co-worker is assigned in a Family House to help the family do their Nativity Scene piece. Truly, the spirit of love and sharing is in the air. Our children are blessed to have an SOS family and SOS friends like you who untiringly support their needs. On behalf of the SOS Bataan family, I express my earnest thanks for being a part of our family. 

SOS Children's Village Bataan