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South Sudan: A child of the future

South Sudan: A child of the future

Due to limited medical facilities, when mothers give birth to twins in South Sudan there are often complications that can result in death of the mother or babies. Two-year-old Buth was lucky to survive and is now growing up safely at SOS Children’s Village Malakal.

Buth suffered a difficult start in life. Born in May 2010, he had been abandoned soon after birth along with his twin brother. When the babies were found by locals, they were taken to the closest hospital. Arriving in a serious condition, with intensive support Buth began to recover. However, sadly, his brother’s health deteriorated and he died in hospital five days after arriving.

Buth was taken to SOS Children’s Village Malakal when he was 11 days old. He weighed just two kilograms when he arrived.

According to Akwoch Ayang, the Village Director, many children are abandoned in the country as a result of child marriages. Young girls are often forcibly taken as brides. When they become pregnant they are unable to access adequate antenatal care. A lack of facilities can result in the death of the mother during childbirth, especially if it is a multiple birth. UNICEF state that maternal mortality rates in South Sudan are among the highest in the world. Akwoch says that relatives left to look after babies often cannot afford to care for the children (especially in the case of twins), and that many children end up living in SOS Children’s Village in Malakal as a result. There are six sets of twins currently living in the Village.

High hopes for Buth

Akwoch says that when he first learnt of Buth’s situation, he was doubtful the twins would live. As a result of his resilience, Akwoch came up with a nickname for the baby. He says: “I nicknamed him Bosdio – after one of our great politicians in the past who worked to liberate South Sudan. I anticipate that he will grow up and become a good leader.”

Buth is now a healthy, strong-willed two year old. His SOS mother has high hopes for him and says that she hopes he will become top of his class when he goes to school. 

Whether Buth does shine at school, or go on to become a leader of his country, are matters for the future. For now, he just a child, growing up at SOS Children’s Village Malakal, playing, learning, and enjoying the love and support he is given by his SOS family.

SOS Children in South Sudan

The Republic of South Sudan, where SOS Children’s Village Malakal is now situated, became an independent state on the 9th July 2011 following a referendum. SOS Children's Village Malakal has ten family houses which are home to 100 children.

You can give a child like Buth a chance in life by sponsoring a child in South Sudan.