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You can provide a happy, healthy childhood for a vulnerable child from Central or South America by sponsoring with SOS Children's Villages. We offer tailored support to help families in 20 countries across the region provide the best start in life for their children. For children who have no one else, we provide a loving family and all the opportunities they need for the best start in life. … more about our charity work in Americas

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Zárate, Peru

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Zárate, Peru

A child sponsorship report from Zárate in Peru. This charity report is from the end of 2011.

Dear sponsor,

Currently, the SOS families provide love and care to 128 children who in many cases have suffered the violation of their rights. Their education and health condition are observed by co-workers who are not only interested in the development of their skills, but also in other talents that help them to accomplish personal achievements.

During mid-year vacations we organized our Winter Olympic Games. This year the winner was Team # 4 (built up by four family houses) who shared the prize with the whole community. They went camping to a recreation center outside Lima and celebrated Children’s Day.

The Family Strengthening & Community Development Programme (now “Families of Origin”) helps children from families that lack of economic resources through the SOS Social Centre Huascar which provides assistance to 152 children and has 19 childminding programmes. The Zarate Community Centre provides help to 101 children and has 9 childminding programmes located in strategic areas where help is really needed. We keep promoting the Volunteers Programme within the Nutrition Faculty at Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal (public university), which allow us to improve the quality of the meals for our children. We have also provided individual training workshops and campaigns regarding the importance of food nutritional value to the Family Base-Care and Family Strengthening Programme obtaining good results. We rely on two interns from Universidad Nacional San Marcos as part of the volunteering programme. They assist on different aspects of the Family-Based Care Programme (now SOS Families).

During this last semester we organized an identity card registration campaign among children that did not have one. The campaign was carried out in collaboration with the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status and the Family-Based Care Programme. The DNI (National Identity Document) has become a very important document, as it is a requirement for free medical attention at all hospitals, health care centres, and stations throughout the country.

This year we also celebrated Family Day where all our SOS mothers and their families gathered and spent time together during the activities and games we organized for that day.

There are a lot of activities programmed for the last months of the year, final exams at schools, institutes and universities, prom parties, Christmas time, New Year´s celebration… and summer school holidays!!

Finally, we want to thank you for all your continued and invaluable support. Without your help, and the help of people like you, we simply cannot continue our lifesaving work.

SOS Children´s Village Zárate