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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

A child sponsorship report from Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. This charity report is from the end of 2011.

Dear sponsors,

In the second term of the year 2011, Burkina Faso passed through political and military unrest. But thanks to the dialogue and forgiveness spirit of politicians and the civil society, peace has come back in people of integrity country.

In 2011, SOS Children’s Village Ouagadougou did not proposed teenagers to the Youth Home because they were too young. This year, we have registered five (5) new children, two boys and three (3) girls. Our staff is of a hundred and nineteen (119) children, sixty (60) boys and fifty-nine (59) girls. A one hundred and twentieth child is coming in the end of November. The building of the thirteenth family house has started.

Awakening and blossoming activities

For the harmonious development of the infant and the child, leisure activities are organized to their intention in the village and in other entertainment sites. In the village a retired co-worker comes once a week to tell educative stories to the children. The following themes are developed “know how to choose one’s friends”, ‘don’t boast yourself”, “do good to others” ‘Respect the common goods”. Puzzles and lego building workshop are organized with some children. Other children give themselves up to drawing and cutting pictures from newspapers to decorate their bedroom and their environment under the leading of their drawing monitor. They had recreative outings on children playgrounds. These outings marked the children and they are asking for more.

The socio-educative activities

Every beginning of the year, with the collaboration of the SOS Mothers, we register children in the different workshop of initiation to carpentry, sewing, gardening, juice and soap making pottery and drawing. Once the children are registered, they participate to the learning of the proposed activity with the help of the monitor. The monitor assesses them after every term in the presence of the educators, the mothers, the aunts and the village director.

The assessment permits to detect not only the talents but also permit to guide the child in case of insufficient school results.

Sport activities

On the occasion of SOS Children’s Village International Day which was celebrated on Thursday 23rd June 2011, we organized different sport activities. Our youth from the Youth Home played a match against SOS co-workers.  This match was won by the SOS co-workers team who scored two goals against one for the youth. The young children are interested in athletics. When sport time comes, they wear the tracksuits with the complicity of their mother. Victory is celebrated on the playground and at home. An SOS aunt is initiating the girls how to play handball.

The Family Strengthening

There are 45 participants’ families in Family Strengthening Ouagadougou with 150 direct beneficiaries.

Children’s parents and tutors’ capacity strengthening : From June to August 2011, adult participants to the Family Strengthening Ouagadougou were taught how to read, write and count. The objective was to teach them in their own language. This well permit them to well manage income generating activities (IGA), to permit them to acquire some knowledge, capacity in view of the best care of children and help them to manage their time and organize their work.

Increasing family resources: The final objective of Family Strengthening is the participant families getting autonomy. For this, we train women participants to be able to do income generating activities. It is this sense that the women participant in the Family Strengthening Ouagadougou started an income generating activity. In fact, they undertook soap making in order to increase their income. They also want to try producing and selling Shea butter.

In the creativity field

This year, there are a lot of manual and creative activities with modeling fruit, vegetables, pearls and other objects made with paper (cars, horses, planes, garland, then during the whole month of July was dedicated to making educative toys with wood and plywood). In social and cultural domain, the SOS Nursery Ouagadougou has worked this year to value local traditional games with traditional dances to avoid acculturation. On the intellectual level, the SOS Nursery Ouagadougou has always respected the national syllabus to lead the activities in pre-reading, pre-mathematics, language, stories, scientific observation with related poetry and songs. In the afternoon the place is opened for the children for manual activities such as painting, colouring, sticking, do it yourself, at a very moderate rhythm according to the children age.

The nurse’s activities

The SOS Children’s Village Ouagadougou received ten months to two years new children. The medical check-up shows that two cases of drepanocytose AC mild form which does not prevent the children from growing normally. Controls are made for the follow-up of these two cases. The others have no particular problems.

At the threshold of the new year and Christmas, the SOS Mothers, the educational team and the SOS Children join me to wish you a

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, may 2012 be a year of happiness and prosperity.

SOS Children's Village Burkina Faso