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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Kumasi, Ghana

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Kumasi, Ghana

A child sponsorship report from Kumasi in Ghana. This charity report is from the end of 2011.

Dear sponsor,

As the year 2011 comes to a close once again, we are pleased to inform you about some of the various activities and programmes throughout the year in our SOS Children’s Village, Kumasi. We also take this opportunity to thank you for your generous contributions towards the wellbeing of our dear children and our charitable work in Ghana.


The SOS Village in Kumasi has admitted thirteen (13) more children and now the total number of children is seventy-one (71) (32 girls and 39 boys).  Most of the admissions into the SOS Village in Kumasi were made in collaboration with the Department of Social Welfare of Ghana. All children admitted into the SOS Village are doing well in their SOS families and are happy in their new environment.


So far all the children are healthy and full of energy.  As part of health awareness, regular keep-fit exercises are organized on Saturdays for children and mothers to ensure perfect health for all children and co-workers.  The medical centre is also well equipped with medical gadgets and it is a huge support to the SOS Village.  Plans are far advanced for the surrounding communities to access the facility under the National Health Insurance programme in Ghana; as soon as the registration processes is finished this will become possible by the first quarter of the year 2012.  Currently all minor sicknesses at the SOS Village are treated at the SOS Medical Centre.


Sixty-four (64) of our children are currently in school (31 in the nursery and 33 in the SOS Primary School). All the 64 children are growing beautifully and they are improving significantly in their academic work. Extra tuition continues at home for all the 64 children in school. Five (5) of our children are enjoying early childhood training lessons at the SOS Village crèche to help adjust them for nursery lessons. Two of our children who are 7 months old (2 surviving babies from quadruplet birth) are enjoying the warmth of their new SOS mother.

Socio/Cultural Activities

Extra curricular activities were organized for our children. There was an inter-school sports with other schools in the community as a form of socialization for our children and those in the surrounding community.  In the soccer competition with pupils from one of the schools in the community, our girls were beaten 3 goals to nil whilst our boys won by 2 goals to1. Other activities like quizzes and Spelling Bees were organized on Saturday nights.  These are periods that some of the children all look forward to as those who excel are given special awards.

SOS Primary School/SOS Nursery

At the nursery level, group activities were organized within the academic year including in and out of class activities, excursions to places of interest within the Kumasi metropolis.  The children also toured the SOS School facilities and had a feel of computers in the computer laboratory.

The SOS Primary School in Kumasi is a one stream school with a good and encouraging level of performance and competent staff made up of 24 teachers, 2 interns and 5 non-teaching staff. Some activities organized at the school during the academic year were tours to various places of interest, games and Open Days. Children with learning difficulties were given remedial lessons to assist in boosting their academic work. The school has impacted positively on our children and has supported them to interact with the larger community. Most of the children are discovering self- respect and getting more poised for the future.

We wish you and your family all the best as we celebrate the season’s festivities and a prosperous Happy New Year (2012).

Once again thank you for your sponsorship.

SOS Children's Village Kumasi