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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Cisnadie, Romania

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Cisnadie, Romania

A child sponsorship report from Cisnadie in Romania. This charity report is from the end of 2011.

Dear sponsors,

The year 2011 was a productive and full of events year for the SOS Children’s Village Cisnadie. In the Village live today 60 children and 12 SOS mothers, who take good care of their education and growth. The Village looks like a big garden with lot of flowers, trees and nice houses, where children spend good time playing during their free time, no matter how weather is outside.

The children go to school in the neighborhood, where they have good and very good results. We put a strong accent on education, in order to give them a good chance to have a profession and to earn their independent living when becoming adults. Also the informal education of the children is also a priority for us; a well-educated youngster can better integrate in the society, so mothers put all their professionalism and effort to form strong characters.

A great moment of enthusiasm and joy was the sportive competition “Cibiniada”, where for the first time this year we had the visit of the children from SOS Battonya - Hungary and SOS Stubing – Austria. During the 5 days, the children participated to sport events and got new friendships. During the summer holiday, children helped the gardener to make new flower arrangements, moment of joy and creativity for all the children.

This year we celebrated 20 years of activity of our SOS Village, a moment to look back to all the events developed along the years. We have a generation of teenagers who already graduated schools, part of them are married and have their own children. We have the joy to see that they are well integrated in the society and they live a normal life.

In the meantime, other generations are coming at their turn, starting with nursery studies. Speaking about preschool age, SOS Nursery Cisnadie provides this year educational services for 73 preschool children (12 from the SOS Village, 31 from the Family Strengthening Program and 28 from the local community). Through the activities that took place in nursery, the children acquired new skills and developed their practical abilities. In the nursery were also developed many extracurricular activities such as: celebrations, trips, puppet show, visits to museums and various holiday activities.

For parents SOS Children’s Village Cisnadie organized courses for parental education, where they learned positive methods and techniques for children education.

For the children who are assisted in Family Strengthening Programme, the nursery provides 20 places in extended program. In this way we want to support parents to find and maintain a stable job, during the day.

This year also, in the SOS Youth Home No. 1 Sibiu we had a positive, friendly and warm atmosphere. The end of the school year was successful for our youngsters who 100% passed the exams; two new students are entering at the college.

The summer holiday was the opportunity to reward the work during the school year; leisure activities and a holiday week at sea were organized. Also, were organized activities involving young people, as part-time jobs and voluntary work.

Thus, we participated in the project called "Let's Do It Romania!" and a green camp in the Danube Delta.

In SOS Cisnadie camp we had this summer a great number of young visitors, children from 7 series of camp that had special moments in our village. They visited new places, went hiking and had a lot of fun with our children village.

Since the beginning of 2011 until now, the Counseling and Support Center for Children and Parents from Strengthening Family Program Cisnadie organized a variety of activities for children, teenagers and parents.

Children were very involved and with a lot of enthusiasm they created objects, cards and various arrangements which have been presented to the public on several occasions (Mother's Day, Easter, NGOs Fest, etc.). We have also organized counseling groups for parents on various topics, such as parenting skills development, awareness of the needs of children, financial education, etc. For teenagers, the main focus of the counseling groups was: the influence of computer and Internet in the teenagers’ life, professional orientation, communication within the group, the importance of school and education, prevention of smoking, alcohol and drugs consumption, etc.

The free and warm days of the holiday are already passed, but all the children think at the Christmas holiday, sleighing and Santa’s presents.

On behalf of our children, youngsters and SOS staff, all the best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a New Year 2012!

Thank you very much for your friendship and generous support!

SOS Children's Village Cisnadie