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As well as two Children's Villages, SOS Children's Villages in Cape Verde has a programme to prevent the abandonment of children who risk becoming street children. SOS Children's Villages also works on HIV/AIDS prevention. … more about our charity work in Cape Verde

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Assomada, Cape Verde

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Assomada, Cape Verde

A child sponsorship report from Assomada in Cape Verde. This charity report is from the end of 2011.

Dear sponsor,

It is our pleasure to share with you the recent development and events that have taken place in our programmes in Assomada during the year 2011.  Here's a glance at some statistics and some of the major activities untaken by each programme.

SOS Children's Villages Assomada

There are currently 82 children living in SOS Children's Village Assomada. 30 of them attend primary school and 37 are in secondary school. 90% passed their school year 2010/11. For those who were not successful, extra-classes were organised to help them overcome the difficulties from the previous year. Some children living in the Village were also honoured for their high grades in secondary school. Most children also take part in extra-curricular or recreational activities like playing football, handball, basketball and performing capoeira. And for those who are not into sport, guitar lessons are also provided in the Village.

The first half of 2011 has been very successful one in terms of recognition and support of our good work. In January the Capeverdean President Mr Pedro Verona Rodrigues Pires decorated SOS Children’s Villages Cape Verde with the first medal of merit within the frame of the celebrations of the commemoration of ʻNationality and National Heroes Daysʼ. “I take advantage of this symbolic date to show you, in the name of all the people of Cape Verde, our recognition but also to salute and encourage this generous and supportive attitude towards a fair society” were the words of President Mr Pires.

As every year in February, the town of Assomada celebrated its traditional colourful Carnival. This year again, the children joined the population for the parade and enjoyed all the fun of the celebrations.

Easter holidays are always the time SOS Children’s Village Assomada organises its holiday camp.  92 children, teenagers and adult supervisors took part in this year's camp which took place in the town of Calheta, in collaboration with the secondary School Cónego Jacinto Peregrino da Costa from Praia town and the army forces. This year's camp programme included activities such as painting houses of old people, debating about themes like violence, drugs, alcohol or the importance of friendship.

The celebration of Mother’s Day in May was another activity that brought together the entire Village. On this day, children from SOS Nursery Children’s Village Assomada honoured their mothers with flowers.

SOS Children’s Village Assomada also took part in the celebrations of the International Children’s Day (1 June), where they performed cultural and organised recreational activities for children in the Nursery.

From 4 October to 9 October, SOS Children’s Village Assomada held a special programme and organised activities including dramas, football games, debates and an award ceremony where the Village director honoured the best pupils in the Village. It is also a tradition in SOS Children's Village Assomada to admit the new children on 4 October and welcome them with a special ceremony.

As every year, the Global Peace Games were carried out by SOS Children’s Villages Cape Verde (23 September until 1 October), where hundreds of children from different schools took part in educational and sportive activities and competitions. The closing event was organised by the SOS Social Centre of Mindelo on 1 October in the town of Mindelo (Sao Vicente Island). On that day, students from secondary schools and teenagers attending the SOS Social Centre of Mindelo participated in symbolic march for peace to draw attention for a society without violence.

SOS Nursery Assomada

92 children between the ages of three to six are currently enrolled in the SOS Nursery of Assomada. Only one of them comes from the SOS Children's Village Assomada. For the 2011/12 school year, 44 children left the nursery to go to the primary school. In April, SOS Children’s Villages Cape Verde organised the 11th edition of “Infantile Games” in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Sports. The event gathered hundreds of children aged four to six. The theme of the game this year was “Infantile Game to promote a favourable quality of life”. The main objective of such games is to help children develop values such as team spirit and fair-play from an early age. This year, the nursery celebrated World Food’s Day (16 October). All the children attended a lecture conducted by a nutritionist of Ministry of Health on the theme 'how to carry on healthy lifestyle' and were sensitized on the food crisis, especially in Africa.

Family Strengthening Programme (FSP) of Rincão

Rincão is located 15km from SOS Children’s Village Assomada, in this small fishing community. The community centre of Rincão was created by SOS Children’s Villages Cape Verde in 2010 with the main purposes of strengthening family base-care support in the locality and prevents child abandonment. In total the communitarian centre supports 30 families, 134 children and 200 people in the community. Before the intervention, children were affected by many diseases such as diarrhoea, skin disease and malnutrition and many of them were found out of school, carrying sand from the beach to help their family earn some money. Today, thanks to the direct support (medical check-ups and treatment, educational material support and study sessions, daily meal provided for children at the centre, etc.) of the programme to families and general community sensitizations, the health of children has greatly improved and children are back in school. The failure rates have dropped from 50% to 17 % in less than two years.

During her visit on 5 November, the First Lady of Cape Verde Islands, Mrs Lígia Fonseca, qualified SOS Children's Village Assomada and the Community Centre of Rincão as a 'real school of life'.

We hope this short letter has given you a good insight on the life in our SOS Children’s Village Assomada and would like to tell you how grateful we are for your remarkable support. We want to highlight, once again, that we count on you to keep providing to all these children and young people a happy and normal life within their SOS families. Many thanks for making all this possible. We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012.

Yours sincerely,

SOS Children's Village Assomada