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In the wake of economic growth, many Ghanaians now enjoy improved living standards. For poor children, however, life is tough and life chances limited. That's why we support fragile families provide care to children with no one else in three locations in Ghana. … more about our charity work in Ghana

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Tema, Ghana

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Tema, Ghana

A child sponsorship report from Tema in Ghana. This charity report is from the end of 2011.

Dear sponsor,

The year 2011 was ushered in with a party on New Year’s Day, organized by a philanthropist as a special gift to all the children of SOS Village Tema. Apart from that the year has been fruitful for our dear children in the Tema Village and we take this opportunity to once again express our sincerest gratitude and appreciation for your generous sponsorship which has been of huge benefit to our charitable work in Ghana.

Socio-cultural activities

Two media personalities from renowned media houses in the country were sworn in as SOS Children’s Village Ambassadors by the Vice President of the SOS Board in the month of March at the Tema village. They accepted the responsibility with much joy and promised to project activities of SOS Villages wherever they found themselves and also be positive role models to our children.

To mark the 40th anniversary of SOS Children’s Villages’ in Africa, the Tema village in conjunction with the SOS school organized a three day programme from 16th to 18th June which was filled with activities such as Art Exhibitions, display of talents and cultural performances, Fun games, Open day and lantern/candle light procession. Most of the children participated in the activities and especially enjoyed the Saturday candle light procession around the surrounding community; this was their first time of having such an activity. After that children and well wishers had lots of fun at the SOS Village with barbecue, music and dancing.  

One of our settled youth (a female) had her marriage ceremony and this joyous occasion was well attended by the mothers and children of SOS Village Tema. The mother of the youth, now retired was also in attendance as a proud mother to grace the occasion.


Children who participated in this year’s Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and the Hermann Gmeiner International College entrance examination performed extremely well, gaining admissions into their choice of schools with the exception of 2 who could not meet the required grades. This however, did not create a setback in their educational plans as they gained the opportunity to re-write their examination or attend a vocational school to learn a skill of their interest.

Currently, we have fourteen (14) of our children at the SOS Nursery School, fifty-five (55) at the Primary School and twenty-five (25) in the Junior High School. Five (5) of our children graduated from Hermann Gmeiner International College in June of this year with flying colours.


The Medical Centre continues to treat minor ailments while major ones are taken to the Tema General Hospital for treatment, with Malaria cases being the most treated ailment at the clinic. Health exercises and screening tests were periodically carried out at SOS Village Tema for all the children, mothers and staff. Amongst these were eye screening exercises and Spinal examinations for the children.

Youth development

Our girls at the Girls Youth Home have been relocated to a new house which was completed recently. The old accommodation has since been renovated, where the boys would also be relocated to by the end of December 2011. Ten of our girls were taken through transitional education and have since been moved to the girls youth home bringing the current number of girls at the youth home to twenty-four (24). Ten (10) of our youth (boys) living in the village have completed the transitional education and will soon join their brothers already in the Boys’ youth home.

Through the kind efforts of a group of resettled SOS youth in the USA, a computer laboratory has been established in the village and the children now have the opportunity to carry out research and browse the internet and learn. Our village library has also been refurbished to bring it to standard.

Staff development

The village continues to build the capacities of its staff through various training at the Mother’s Training Centre in the Tema Village. Thirteen (13) aunt trainees were recruited for training and have since been posted to various villages. Workshops for Village Directors and Social workers on Admission Processes; Quality for Children’s Standards, National Plan of Action for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children are a few of the development programmes that has taken place.

SOS Nursery

SOS nursery continues to see major growth throughout the year.  With 64 children graduating to move on to class one during this year’s graduation ceremony held on the 14th of July and 62 new children  also being admitted for the 2011/2012 academic year.  Amongst the many special guests and parents that graced this year’s graduation ceremony was the Minister of Communication.  A meeting was also scheduled for the new parents to educate them on the rules and regulations of Nursery as part of ensuring that all parents are on board in maintaining the standards of the school.

SOS School

The Primary and Junior High School currently has 599 registered pupils, experiencing a standard of success at all levels, with various degrees of scholarships and a 100% pass rate in external examinations.  A number of students recently represented the school in a mathematics quiz, emerging victorious as the overall best performance and the students placing 1st, 3rd, and 4th positions.  A number of students also participated in the LIFE-LINK UNITED NATIONS MODEL CONFERENCE and again emerged as the best participating school; best male participant and an honorary mention for one of the students. The teacher who mentored the students has been invited to accompany them on a trip to the United States. In further efforts to maintain the high standards of the school, children with learning difficulties are given special attention during regular school hours.  This programme is managed and supervised by an onsite special education teacher. 

We wish you all the best for the end of the year festivities and a prosperous and a Happy New Year (2012).

Best wishes.

SOS Children's Village Tema