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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Mai Dich, Vietnam

Children from Mai Dich, Vietnam
Children from Mai Dich, Vietnam

A child sponsorship report from Mai Dich in Vietnam. This charity report is from the end of 2011.

Dear Sponsors,

Over here, in the SOS Children’s Village Mai Dich of Hanoi, we did say goodbye to the fine weather and the yellow sunny of the country Autumn.  As the divine regulation of the nature, we can see the golden and brown leaves fall down and the cold winter will come soon. It is time we showed our faithfulness to you who have been supporting, helping, sharing, encouraging to bring a warm family to children who brought up, educated to know how to arrange their life independently. It is such a big happiness! We all send you many thanks sincerely for all your support and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

A loving home for every child

The SOS Children’s Village Mai Dich/ Ha Noi is a home to 191 children. Some oldest boys have left Youth House and the oldest girls gone for their further education or semi-independent life. Therefore, families by chance become younger with small children mostly under 13 years old. Young family means hard work for mothers as they always try to cover all of their children while doing the housework (some of which should have been done by their oldest children when they were with the mothers).  However, mothers here are quite used to taking care of many children at the same time; they always find joy in their work and get so excited by new children which bring new atmosphere to their family.

Most of children who are living in the village now are at primary school, so mothers are busier because of taking care of children’s clothes, meals, sleep and study. Mothers’ happiness is that they see their children being happy and they can share children’s happiness or sorrow. This makes family full of laughter. Double happiness is that the adults who left the village can clear off their life themselves. Nevertheless, the adults live far from family, they always encourage and give their regards to mothers by short phone call or rush writing letter. This adds more strength to mothers to keep taking care for sisters and brothers.

Academic performance

In the period 2011-2012, we have 143 boys and girls going to school in the three-level Hermann Gmeiner school, universities, colleges and vocational schools. In this summer, 15 teenagers who joined a special extra summer class which under the supervison of the SOS mothers and the village educators, have succesfully pass the entrance exam to the Senior Secondary school. Among them we are glad to inform you that three have qualified for the Local famous Gifted school with high result (55 of 60-mark scale). The remained 12 have been studying at the school, grade 10 of Senior secondary level- since then.

As we told you in the summer report, eleven youths have sit for their graduation exams of the Senior Secondary school. In early July, this group have taken their entrance exam to universities and colleges. Two of the eleven have fruitfully passed to the Open University and The National University. The other nine youth have also entered the colleges, vocational and technical school. At the same time, we also moved three boys to the SOS National Vocational School in the northern province of Phu Tho.

Children’s activities

Thanks to the support and contribution from the Australian school of GEELONG, clinics and meeting activities were regularly held to boost the mutual friendship years ago. In the end of April, two groups of kids took educational trips the National Museum of Ethnology that was 5 kilometters far from the village. Our kids helped the foreign students in discovering the country’s culture by taking a tour to the houses of 54 minorities . They also joined in art lessons and sport activities with the foreign students at school. They  participated in painting, designing and playing the traditional games.

On September 18 , two teachers and 18 students from the GEELONG visited our village. Ten boys from Geelong played a friendship football match with the village boys at the village soccer field.  They all exchanged some basic English knowledge and talking about the books that they have read. Although the Reading Day lasted not so long (90 minutes), we have reached the most essential goal, it was the development of reading skill and the better English vocabulary.

In the middle of September, we successfully held The 2011 Global Volunteering Day at the SOS Village Mai Dich in coordination with the Deustch Post Group-DHL. All of our village members and the company staff have joined this activity. The Day was divided in to two parts. Nearly 100 staff joined in the repainting the village steel fence, outdoor sets of toys, big trees….. The other staff accompanied our small kids in playing games and creating funny corner.  Gifts hand-over to the excellent student in the school year 2008/2009. All the guests have affirmed that we had a great and meaningful day at SOS village.

As usual, summer holiday followed by Mid Autumn festival. Although it was so wet, we still celebrated for children to play lanterns together and with hand-made lantern competition, and arrange fruit competition. Especially, this year the children joined Youth House activities to get more friends and attend the shows about ‘Chu Cuoi and Hang Nga’, the mythical brother and sister on the moon. After many useful summer activities, they started to go to school for the new school years at the beginning of September.

Autumn - sweet childhood memories

Like the Santa in European countries, Ms. Moon has always been a fictional character in the minds of the children for today. She often acts as a spiritual friend for Vietnamese children as well as some other Asian countries. According to common sense, appears round the moon, shining mostly on the 15th lunar month. But the moon becomes extraordinarily beautiful and fascinating as the full moon night of autumn (ie on 15 / 8 lunar calendar). That night, she rings round rings, yellow moon shining, sweet crept across each lane, a small town, on every roof and sow joy in his heart, his eyes all children. Mid-autumn full moon - full moon night in August - Moon Festival has always been that every child in my country as well as children in SOS villages eagerly awaited.

Fall back in place around the country, in every village, SOS loving homes. Nature heaven and earth rather new clothes once a season to celebrate joyfully happy. And childhood is a time we expect to pay in full moon night of fun tingle ca. Under this moonshade , we want to send our thanks to those who gave us a new shelter, a family full of love for each revenue, in August full moon night moon shines on us has beenlittle joy kindled in the heart like so many other children. Even after this, we can step foot on all roads will always take a path on the mother, the beloved village as per the collection about to be forever a child. Autumn - will forever be a sweet fairy tale in the memories of us and all generations of children in each SOS village, every family in Vietnam.

That is some information about the news and the development of the SOS Children’s Village Maidich/Hanoi we  would like to share with you. Once again, on behalf of the all the children, mothers, aunts and co-workers , I send  you and your loved ones  my best wishes for a Merry Christmas 2011 and a Happy New Year 2012!

SOS Children's Village Mai Dich