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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Ksarnaba, Lebanon

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Ksarnaba, Lebanon

A child sponsorship report from Ksarnaba in Lebanon. This charity report is from the end of 2011.

Dear Friend,

It is the middle of November and it is once again time for us to report on the progress of our children and youth since our last report.  The past twelve months have presented a number of highlights as well as challenges. It is our privilege to share them with you.  

Since the beginning of this year up to the present time, five new children, coming from two sibling families, have found security and the chance of a better future at SOS Children’s Village Ksarnaba.  Currently we care for 62 children in nine family houses.


Currently fifteen children are being followed by the psychologist and five children are having regular sessions with the speech therapist.  The school success rate of the children is 98%.  Taking into consideration that Lebanese educational programs are challenging mainly in the complementary level, most of the students had satisfactory school results.  Furthermore two children who had a weak school report in June were given the opportunity to pass recuperation exams in September.   They worked hard during the summer and they were able to succeed.  Four children are going to school for special needs students.  They are receiving the adequate educational approach and they are progressing slowly but steadily. 

Teaching work

The SOS Child Admission Committee composed of senior SOS co-workers, screens the children’s application forms.  Admission criteria are regularly updated to ensure that joining an SOS family is in the child’s best interest and taking always in priority the UN convention of children’s rights.  The child admission process undergoes careful assessment of each individual case taking into consideration his/her point of view.  In parallel we work with disadvantaged families in order to prevent crisis that can lead to family separation.  We offer various forms of support to strengthen these families so that children can grow up in their own families.  Our main objective is to ensure healthy development to children who are in need of help.

SOS Nursery

The nursery welcomes children living at the SOS Village and neighbourhood children ranging from age two till five.  When a child is six years, he/she begins to attend a formal school.  At the Nursery there are four levels, nursery, pre-nursery, junior nursery and senior nursery.  The children learn to speak three languages: Arabic, French and English.  The room classes are colourful and decorated according to the theme such as seasonal landscapes, arts and music, alphabetic letters, numbers, telling time etc,     Kids are so interested to learn art and crafts activities, rhymes and songs, dances and rhythmic, to spell their first names, The teachers are fully dedicated to develop the kids’ cognitive and emotional skills.  SOS Nursery Ksarnaba has 70 little scholars enrolled for the academic year 2011-2012.   Eight children come from the Village and 62 from the surrounding community.  Six SOS children who were attending the SOS Nursery, last year, have been admitted to a regular neighboring school.  The valuable pre-school education they have received at SOS Nursery has been of a great help once they begin formal schools. 

SOS Social Centre

223 families, including 742 children under fifteen years old, have been supported by the Social Center since January 2011 till November 2011.  As you already know, the majority are families headed by widowed or chronically ill parents.  The rest are single or separated parents.

The Family Strengthening Program (FSP) provides regular nutrition budget for low-income families.  It assures food and milk for healthy growth and development of children.  Moreover FSP covers the registration public school fees for 702 children aged 3 till 15 years.  It also covers technical studies fees for 37 youth who have lost their parents or are in charge of their sick parents and their siblings.  Once the youth obtains his diploma and finds a job, the family becomes self-sufficient. 

In our work, we cooperate with other local Non Governmental Organizations to give our families targeted support according to their situation. 

On behalf of the children, youth and staff we would like to, once again, take this opportunity to thank you our valued sponsors.  Please be assured that without your help and support we would not have been able to provide the quality of care to our children.

SOS Children's Village Ksarnaba