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Over two thirds of Nigerians live in poverty. For many children, life is extremely difficult and their life chances limited. In four key locations, we provide a home, a family and opportunities so that the most disadvantaged can enjoy a happy childhood and success in adult life. … more about our charity work in Nigeria

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Isolo, Nigeria

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Isolo, Nigeria

A child sponsorship report from Isolo in Nigeria. This charity report is from the end of 2011.

Dear sponsor,

We the children, youths and staff of SOS Children’s Village Isolo are pleased to give you news of our village and also to use this medium to thank you once again for your continued assistance to our children. Your unflinching support has immensely helped us to come this far. At present, we are giving care to 100 children: 54 boys and 46 girls. Our youths 66 in number (34-boys and 32 girls) are accommodated in four Youth Homes.

As part of our continuous training and development programmes, our nurses attended a clinical seminar at SOS Training Center in Abomey-Calavi, Republic of Benin, Mothers and Aunties participated in a Computer Appreciation Training. Besides, three of our mothers who retired after attaining 60 years of age attended workshops and seminars which prepared their minds for life in retirement. Orientation programme was also organized for new mothers that replaced them. The objective was to give them an insight to their job responsibilities as mothers.

Last summer holidays, 10 of our children participated in a catering course. This was meant to keep them busy throughout the period.  At the course these children learnt cake making, snacks and beverages among others.

On Valentine Day 14th February we selected some children from each family house for a visit to two orphanage homes in Lagos. We carried some used clothes, biscuits and fruit drinks to felicitate and show love with the children in the two orphanage homes. While there our children interacted and made friends with children living in the orphanage homes.

From our Social Center, we have continued to impact positively on the lives of the community.  In September 32 Learners (27 females and 5 Males) graduated from the sewing skill acquisition class that spanned a one year period. At the graduation ceremony which also featured a fashion parade they displayed their various fashion designs to the admiration of all. Prior to the ceremony the graduating set underwent a-six weeks industrial training in well establish fashion houses to further expose them to new trends in the industry.

A community wide awareness on HIV prevention was organized to commemorate international candlelight memorial day in May at Ishaga community. Members of the community gathered at the town hall for a workshop on HIV prevention. After the workshop a procession rally went round the community raising awareness on HIV. The event ended with the lighting of candles by participants to remember all those who have died as a result of AIDS.

In our Family Strengthening Programme, we presently have 193 children beneficiaries (99 females, 94 males) in 53 families receiving educational, nutritional and health support from the programme.

As part of FSP capacity building for caregivers a 3-day training was organized for 14 shortlisted caregivers on how to manage their businesses. The training focused on family budgeting, costing, niche marketing, and how to calculate profit. The training was to prepare participants for the revolving loan scheme to support caregivers raise more capital for their businesses.  

During the summer holidays 41 FSP Children participated in a 4-day life skill training.  The objective of the training was to teach children skills to cope with the challenges of growing up in the society, their rights and obligations. Other topics treated include; communication skills, puberty, adolescence, HIV/AIDS, Relationships, Value and Value clarification, Self-esteem and Goal setting.

On behalf of children, youths and staff of SOS Children’s Village Isolo, we say thanks a million and here is wishing you and your loved ones Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year celebration.

SOS Children's Village Isolo