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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Dar Bouazza, Morocco

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Dar Bouazza, Morocco

A child sponsorship report from Dar Bouazza in Morocco. This charity report is from the end of 2011.

Dear sponsor,

During the summer holidays period the youngest children made a trip organized by several private and public organizations to different cities of the Kingdom (Immouzer, El Jadida, Souiria, Asilah, Mohamedia,…), the pre-adolescents spent their holidays in some colonies with the scouts in the area of Atlas mountains (Aïn Kharzouza, Immouzer…) and the elders took part in a stage of their choice (in the domain of pharmacy, in some libraries, leisure centers …).

One of the most impressive moments of this second semester was the visit of the Moroccans' favorite comic actor, Gad ELMALEH on the 13th of September 2011 tho the SOS Children's Village of Dar Bouazza. The actor spent a pleasant day in the company of the children of the Village ; he seemed to be at ease and full of modesty. The day was marked by different moments of strong emotion for the artist and of extreme joy and proud for the families of the Village. The kids prepared several  performances in his honor with a big variety of exhibitions:  music, dance, singing and an adaptation of the actor's most famous sketch : « La Chèvre de Monsieur Seguin » (“Mr Seguin's goat”). The star improvised a singing performance surrounded by the children, charmed by his natural attitude. In the night, Gad El Maleh announced on television that he has become the official sponsor of the Moroccan SOS Children's Villages association.

In the same month of September, the new school year 2011-2012 started for all the children and young people of the Village. Several preparation meetings were organized to prepare the integration of about twenty young secondary school students in different students' residences. Two flats were rent to host the pre-adolescents in the Rahma area, a working-class area located only 7 Km away from the Village, in order to simplify their return at the Village during the weekends and school holidays. This is the first experience of this type for our Village ; the aim is to encourage the young people to become autonomous and to support them in this process.

Moreover we tested another new experience with a SOS Mother close to retirement age ; she moved to a flat located in a working-class area in Casablanca with two children and two pre- adolescents. This 'externalization' of an entire family demanded several months of preparation work both with the Mother and the children in order to make the process successful and to allow a good integration of the family into the surrounding community.

To end the year in a flourish, the Village is getting ready to organize an action of redoing of the houses, painting and gardening in collaboration with a very well-known Moroccan telecommunication operator which will mobilize more than a hundred young volunteers for the operation who has been called « Dir Idik », a citizen action initiated by the company in order to help several associations working in support of the young people.

Finally, we would like to mention the return of one of our kids to his biologic mother's place. The mother had expressed this desire so SOS worked for about a year with her, her daughter and the SOS family  where she had grown up to prepare this return. On the other hand, in September the Village admitted in the families three new boys and a girl, two of which were aged less than two years. 

SOS Children's Village Dar Bouazza