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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Chosica, Peru

Children from SOS Children's Village Esperanza playing
Children from SOS Children's Village Esperanza playing

A child sponsorship report from Chosica in Peru. This charity report is from the end of 2011 and covers SOS Children's Villages Esperanza and Rio Hondo.

Dear sponsors,

The Children´s Village Esperanza shelters now 97 children while the SOS Children´s Village Rio Hondo represents a home for 86 children. We run three Youth Homes in the districts of Chosica, Chaclacayo, and Salamanca. Ten young men live in the facilities of Chosica and Chaclacayo, while in Salamanca 12 young ladies share their daily life closely supervised and monitored by Youth Development Facilitators and by their SOS mothers. In the framework of the Families of Origin approach we directly support 150 children of ages between 0 and 6 years, together with their big siblings coming from the Human Settlements of Huayaringa Alta (Sta. Eulalia) and San Juan de Nuevo Cupiche (Ricardo Palma), poverty, and extreme poverty areas of the surroundings.

We continue to consolidate our work with the families of origin in order to guarantee a successful reinsertion of the children into their families in the short, middle, and long term, fostering the development of capacities, the improvement of their life conditions and helping them to re-build their affective bonds. To achieve that goal we involve them in the formation process of their own children. The involvement of family judges and prosecutors has been of utmost importance to update our key co-workers in terms of current laws and norms regarding the admission, permanence, and departure of children and youths in CARs (Residential Care Centres).

We keep on fostering the participation of children and youths in public spaces aimed at defending their rights Two children and two Young people democratically elected have become members of RED LUNNA (Children and Youth Network of San Juan de Lurigancho) in the framework of which they attend events related with the rights approach at a province level.

The agreement with the NGO Generation ACTS Club International is still in force, benefitting our children with free English lessons. The Environmental Education Project, financed by HSBC, continues to train children and Young people to foster and encourage the preservation of the environment through different workshops.

Dozens of young people (departed, living in SOS Youth Homes, supervised non-residents, and others gathered to celebrate the Day of Youth in the Children´s Village. They spent a wonderful day together, having fun, practicing sports, but also exchanging their experiences and giving their opinion about different topics. We were very proud to see them express themselves and to have the opportunity to see many successful Young people.

In the framework of their social responsibility programmes, several companies and institutions offered the children a special journey to celebrate the Day of Childhood. Inflatable jumping games, clowns, dolls, and lots of music were the highlights.

They Day of the Family was also joyful celebrated, having as meeting point the main square of Chosica, where we had the valuable opportunity to raise awareness on the family as the basic unit of the society, and to remind the community that there are hundreds of children who have no family to protect and care for them.

This year 17 of our Young ladies turned 15 years of age and celebrated their ‘quinceañero’ with a big party with much excitement and emotion. According to their own words, this event represented one of the happiest and most exciting moment in their lives, as it is a sign of the transition between childhood and youth. They enjoyed the best company: their biological relatives, their SOS Family, their friends, and their classmates.

We are still part of the driving force of Huarochirí in the framework of the Consensus-building Development Plan of the province of Huarochirí 2008 – 2018, looking forward to organize the annual agenda of public investment in the area in cooperation with authorities of the 32 districts of Province Huarochirí.

We are thankful that we could share another year with you and to thank you for helping us offering many children and youths the life they deserve.

SOS Children's Villages in Chosica