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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Cebu, Philippines

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Cebu, Philippines

A child sponsorship report from Cebu in the Philippines. This charity report is from the end of 2011.

Dear Friend,

Greetings of joy to you! Your SOS Children’s Village Cebu now has a total population of 145 children and young people with 12 mothers and 26 co-workers. We have 4 young people who graduated from College and 3 from Vocational Courses.

We believed that communication skill is very important for the youth to develop thus Public Speaking sessions were offered 21 youth but due to more important school requirements, only 10 were able to finish the course.  As a completion requirement, they were given a task to perform various presentations related to speaking.  They were then given certificates and even asked to assist their trainer for her other class. The Village also held tutorials for children and youth and we are very lucky to have friends who volunteered to teach their lessons especially in Math and English.

To help our graduating fourth year high school students, the Pedagogical Team carefully assessed and guided them in their choice of vocation.  Forty high school students took a personality test. Regular school monitoring and follow-ups especially of children with academic difficulties were done by the Educators. The Village, being concerned with the physical and social aspect of all children and youth, facilitated various activities such as Karate lessons, Soccer, Swimming and Dancing, and other ball games during their free time. Also, annual medical check-up is given to all children, youth and co-workers to ensure their good health condition. To enhance musical abilities and inclinations of some children, they were offered with piano lessons. Other activities were conducted according to monthly occasions and theme. 

Summer has always been something to look forward because of the summer camp, family outings and sports festival.  About 50 children joined the annual summer camp initiated by the Cebu City Task Force on Street Children. It was joined by 1,000 children from the different child care organizations of Cebu City.  The SOS sports festival that usually comes after the summer camp is a weeklong sports event. The children were divided into 4 competing teams. The sports festival then culminated with a Family Outing in the beach. 

In July which is the Nutrition Month, the Village staff organized a Cooking Festival. The children and youth planned and cooked healthy and inexpensive dishes to which they enjoyed acting like real chefs.  Then come August. It was also filled with activities for our young people being the Youth Month. This month was undertaken with learning inputs, movie analysis and games which ends with a gala night.

October is the month where the children are given focus. Most of the activities conducted were related to children’s rights. The children were motivated to express their rights through exposure in different avenues where their voices can be heard. In our locality in Talamban, Children’s month was celebrated with various activities. As part of the SOS Advocacy Project, CHILD PROTECTION CAMPAIGN: “A Voice For A Cause” was conducted. The 1st day marked the barangay level undertaking with a parade and program that was attended by approximately 200 children from the different schools and children’s organizations. For the succeeding 3 weeks, the Peer Facilitators/Child Advocates did a room-to-room campaign in Talamban Elementary School by giving input on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Aside from children’s activities, SOS put importance in the celebration of the Holy Rosary in October. The whole SOS Cebu family gathered in the Grotto at the Community House at 6:00 in the evening everyday to join the rosary that is led by selected children.

Our children then opted to celebrate Halloween on the 30th of October which was also the Welcoming of the Japanese guests from Friendship Tours. The Horror Booth initiated by the Young Men highlighted the activity. They also had horror movie marathon.

As for our young people in the Youth Home, selected youth attended seminars and trainings that help them enhance their leadership skills, one of which was the Kool Adventure Camp facilitated by the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. Other activities such as Youth month, Peer facilitator’s Training, Team Building, Skills Training, Children’s Summit and Children’s congress were also conducted inside and outside the village in cooperation with the Barangay Council for the Protection of Children.

The SOS Nursery School on the other hand were also busied with thematic activities such as Buwan ng Wika or Language Month celebration in August, Nutrition month in July and Family Day in June. It was really a great opportunity for our children in the Children’s Village and students in the School to get to know each other better. The school parents sponsored snacks and meals for our SOS children.

Moreover, the community alleviation program of the Children’s Village conducted various seminars such as “Maternal Health Care” for the mothers in the community and “Dynamics and Processes on Trafficking of Humans” to broaden their knowledge about the laws and rights of individuals. Other activities were done like referral for medical assistance, Peer facilitators training and Team building sessions. Right now, we have three Family Strengthening Programme beneficiaries who received scholarship from Timex, four from the Norwegian Shipowners Association and 39 from our school. Supplemental feeding program continued to alleviate the present health condition of the kids. 

On behalf of the whole SOS Cebu family, our sincerest gratitude for your unending support! May we continue to work together for our children!

SOS Children's Village Cebu