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Despite a growing ecomomy, Thailand's children face many risks. HIV/AIDS has orphaned many, leaving them in danger of homelessness and forcing them into work. Many fall prey to sexual exploitation and trafficking. We support families in five locations and provide care to those who have no one else. … more about our charity work in Thailand

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Bangpoo, Thailand

A child from Bangpoo in Thailand
A child from Bangpoo in Thailand

A child sponsorship report from Bangpoo in Thailand. This charity report is from the end of 2011, when a flood disaster caused an emergency in Thailand.

Dear sponsors,

When the turn of the year come near, we are really pleased to send you our very special best wishes for the soon coming Christmas and New Year and at the same time we would like to tell you a little bit about SOS Children's Village Bangpoo in this day:

At the moment inside SOS Children's Village Bangpoo we are giving our care to 121 children in 12 family houses;   58 of them are boys and 63 of them are girls.   Normally in each family house there will be approximate 10 children, but at this time in some family houses there will be more than 10 children and in some family house there will be less than 10, because SOS mothers in some houses are preparing to be retired at their 60 years old of age so we will not give new child into those family houses.    When each of our boys becomes adolescent at 14 years old we will move them to live at SOS Youth House Samutprakarn.

Now it is the second semester learning of the year, most of our children had already returned to classes, except a few students where their schools locate in the area of flood.   They are learning in different levels and in various schools outside the village, only the small children from 4-6 years old are learning at SOS kindergarten inside the village.  Some small children from neighborhood also come in to learn at our SOS Kindergarten, and it is a good chance for SOS children to learn to socialize with them, now we are giving support these 15 small children from neighborhood in our Family Strengthening Program, their families cannot afford for anything so these 15 students are free of charge. 

Dear Friends, we are sure that you had seen about the terrible flood in Thailand since October this year, the mass volume of water from Northern part of Thailand together with the water released from many big dams up north had been flowing to the capital city 'BANGKOK' so as to flow to the sea – gulf of Thailand.  The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration had been trying to protect the city by blocking and blending the huge water to its western & eastern zone of Bangkok which totally destroyed many province and productive factorial zones surrounding Bangkok.  Some of our colleague's houses also were destroyed.

We, SOS Children’s Villages Thailand agreed to evacuate our people at SOS Children's Village Bangpoo – children below 12 years old and our young girls together with their mothers to the safer zone in Chonburi where introduced by the governor of Chonburi province and the support of the Social Welfare Department – on 30th October, to ensure that our people, Children and mother would be safe, all mothers also agreed as the suggestion.   The elder sisters could help their mothers taking care of the younger in the crisis time at the camp, and yes – it would be some difficulties on this well management evacuation, but the family relationship would be definitely tight.

During the crisis some young adolescent from SOS Youth House Samutprakarn transferred to stay temporary in SOS Children’s Village Bangpoo for standby to protect our facilities or to help neighbors who may be affected by flood.   All staffs willingly joined their support and were divided to each location. Then, on 7 November 2011, we decided to evacuate our people - mothers and children back to SOS Children's Village Bangpoo under management team and board decision.   Our children had to go to school for the new term since schools in Samutprakarn have not been announced by Ministry of Education a postponement of the opening.    At that time the flood was moving towards inner, western and eastern parts of Bangkok, we had to be closely monitoring flood situation and stocked up some dried food and other necessary things as preparation for mothers and children for staying at up stair of the houses if the flood came in the village.

Now the flood would not turn out to be worse than expected, everyone at SOS Children's Village Bangpoo is safe, the water still not come in, and the most recent of flood up-date, we learned that:   Samutprkarn province is supposed to be the safe place at the moment.   However, we are aware of the water from near rivers and canals would be crossed over the barriers.  As the governor has also prepared a number of drainers, water would be soon drained away if flood water gets into Samutprakarn province.

During this flood crisis, we, not only adults but also our children, they learned to share and to help.  They also joined with adults at the village giving some of their pocket money collecting to help those people who got difficulty from the flood.  Some of our children joined to help relief flood victims by filling sand-bags which use as barrier protecting from floods.  They also joined with the volunteer group distributing food for victims in the affected area also helped to make E M balls (E M stands for 'effective micro-organism') using for rehabilitating stagnant water.   

Normally on the full moon day of the twelfth lunar month, which this year it was turned on 10 November, we will hold 'Loy Krathong' festival.  You might have heard about this festival.   It is the festival to thank to God of water, but because of this year SOS Children's Village Bangpoo had to watch out about the flood, so our SOS family at the village only provided a pray to thank to the God of water and to make a wish for relief those flood victims in 33 provinces of Thailand where they are suffering from this disaster to reduce distress and to enhance feelings of safety and calmness for them.

We would like also to take this opportunity to express our sympathy to some countries where possibly affected by flood like as Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Finally, we, mothers, children and staff pray for all of you who help and support us.  We request the Lord Buddha to bless you and protect you and your family from any danger and we request for peace in worldwide and we all wish you for,

Thank you very much again for your kind contribution,
Yours sincerely, 

SOS Children's Village Bangpoo