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'Our Africa' website reaches across the continents

Children filming for the 'Our Africa' website
Children filming for the 'Our Africa' website

SOS Children’s award-winning ‘Our Africa’ video website has been visited by people throughout the world since it went live in the spring.

Of the 62,500 visits to date, just over 50% have been from the UK and US. But people in other nations have also discovered the site. There have been more than 750 visits in Germany, nearly 700 in India and more than 450 in the birthplace of SOS Children in Austria.

Although often hamstrung but infrequent internet access and power cuts, people in many of the African countries featured in ‘Our Africa’ have also managed to visit the site: for example, there have been nearly 700 visits in Ethiopia, nearly 500 in Morocco and just over 300 in Kenya, Zimbabwe and Uganda.

At the other end of the scale, so far the number of people who have visited ‘Our Africa’ from certain countries can be counted on one hand, such as one person from Uzbekistan, one from Nicaragua and two from Bhutan.

Of the 179 countries where people have visited ‘Our Africa’, 105 of them are where SOS Children runs SOS Children’s Villages or Family Strengthening Programmes in the community.

“We’re pleased that ‘Our Africa’ is being viewed by people globally,”
says SOS Children chief executive Andrew Cates. “We hope that we are managing to spread the word worldwide that Africa is an amazing continent enriched with different countries and cultures – and that the views, ideas and aspirations of the young people in our care across the continent demonstrate what an even more exciting part of the world Africa promises to be in years ahead.”

‘Our Africa’ won the new media award at the One World Media Awards earlier this month. The evolving site now carries video and information from more than 20 of the African countries and is being viewed by schools using associated lesson plans as well as by parents, grandparents and children at home.

The site is at: www.our-africa.org