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Company add their support to SOS Children in Greece

Two boys who have found a new home with SOS Children in Greece
Two boys who have found a new home with SOS Children in Greece

A market research and business consulting company IntelliClear has selected SOS Children in Greece as the 2011 recipient of its annual Clarity Trust donation.

Under the yearly programme, IntelliClear contributes 1% of its corporate profits to an outstanding charity as part of an ongoing corporate commitment to supporting worldwide communities and charitable activities.

"It is a great pleasure for us to be able to help SOS Children," says Eric Shuster, president and CEO of IntelliClear. "We have observed the organisation's sound principles and remarkable international efforts over time, and consider it an honour to support a most worthy cause."

Alex Kalamarides, managing director and general partner of IntelliClear and a native of Greece, says: "The increasing economic hardship in Greece makes it especially important to give to selfless organisations like SOS Children, which provide successful rearing of the less fortunate children in this beleaguered country."

"Children in crisis know no cultural or national boundaries," says George Protopapas, national director of SOS Children in Greece. "The support of those abroad, having our children and our country in their hearts, make for a brighter and more hopeful future. Companies like IntelliClear, which actively give back to humanity's just and needy causes, make the world a far better place."

Since the financial crisis, SOS Children has seen a 70% increase in requests for support from parents unable to afford to provide for their families. We are helping families to stay together through our four Family Strengthening Programmes in the country, which provide tailored support to enable children to grow up with their parents. Read more about the situation and how you can help.

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