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Despite a growing ecomomy, Thailand's children face many risks. HIV/AIDS has orphaned many, leaving them in danger of homelessness and forcing them into work. Many fall prey to sexual exploitation and trafficking. We support families in five locations and provide care to those who have no one else. … more about our charity work in Thailand

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Nongkhai, Thailand

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Nongkhai, Thailand

A child sponsorship report from Nongkhai in Thailand. Written in 2011.

Dear sponsor,

When the turn of the year comes near, we are really pleased to send you our very special best wishes for the soon coming Christmas and New Year and at the same time we would like to tell you a little bit about SOS Children's Village Nongkhai in this day:

At the moment inside SOS Children's Village Nongkhai we are giving our care to 110 children in 11 family houses;   61 of them are boys and 49 of them are girls.   In each family house there will be approximate 10 children, in some houses there are a little bit less than or more than 10.

Now all of school-aged children return to classes already it is their second semester learning of the year.   They are learning in different level in various schools outside the village, but the small children from 4-6 years old are learning at SOS nursery inside the village, some small children from neighborhood also come in to learn in our SOS nursery, and it is a good chance for SOS children to learn to socialize with them, now we are giving support to these 16 small children from neighborhood in our Family Strengthening Programme, their families cannot afford for anything.  These 16 students are free of charge.  

In October was a short holiday, we provided for additional classes of mathematic, Thai & English language, music & dance learning as well as handicraft & art learning.    Nearly every evening are time for sport, our children like to play football and badminton and volleyball.   We also had sport competition at this holiday, male youth from SOS Youth House also joined in. 

From June to November we also held 3 main events in our SOS family, those events are:

1. SOS's Day, 23 June 2011

We have a great celebration on SOS-Day, 23 June for our grateful remembrance to our late Great Grandfather, Prof. Dr. Hermann Gmeiner who is the founder of SOS.   SOS family are always running with his main idea; 'Mother', 'Brother& sister', 'House' and 'Village'.        On this day, children, mother and staff made a merit for Prof. Dr. Hermann Gmeiner and for all friends and sponsors and everyone who gave support for SOS. In the morning, we worship our guardian spirit for the propitiousness, and we also make merit by offering food and dedicated to Buddhist monks. Then in the afternoon we have a lunch together after that we help together cleaning and developing our village and in the evening of this day, we think of and send our gratitude to all sponsors and donors who give help and support to SOS.

2. Mother's Day, 12 August 2011

  • We provided the physical check-up for all SOS mothers at Nongkhai hospital.
  • We invited monks to receive food offerings at the village.
  • We helped together cleaning and developing our village.
  • All male youths from SOS Youth Homes participated with local people helping together to clean our community.
  • The grown up SOS children came back to participate on this day, they also prepared some cake for all SOS mother and children.
  • We invited monk to preach our children about the gratitude toward patron.
  • All of us took part in the Candlelight Ceremony to celebrate the birthday of H.M. The Queen of Thailand. The children also showed their performance for blessing our Queen too.
  • The children give a jasmine garland to their SOS mother also asked the forgiveness for the improper things that they did toward their SOS mother.

3. Loy Krathong Day, 10 November 2011

  • The SOS children and SOS mothers helped together making their 'Krathong'(a lotus-shaped receptacle which can float on the water).  We mostly made 'Krathong' by banana leaves and natural materials to decorate it beautifully, we also put flowers and a candle and three joss-sticks in the 'Krathong'.   We prepared the pond inside the village for floating and we also provided the stage and decorated our village for celebrating this festival.
  • We organized the beauty contest that accompany this festival is known as 'Nopphamat Queen Contest' which each SOS house would send 1 candidate to this contest.
  • There was an 'Esan-Lum-Pleun' performance from SOS children, ('Esan-Lum-Pleun' is a kind of local north-eastern dance).
  • The SOS children, SOS mother and SOS aunt join in Thai folk dance as we called 'Rumwong' together ('Rumwong' means rounding-dance.)
  • There was a mini-concert from male youths from SOS Youth House.
  • In that evening everyone had a dinner together.
  • After that we floated our Krathong together at the pond.  We believe that the 'Krathong' will carry and float suffering and bad luck out.

We are planning for New Year celebration that will be on 31 December, our children are looking forward to this party. Some children think about what performance they will surprise to their mother and adults. We believe that the New Year celebration will be another feast that makes our children have fun and spend a happy time together with the whole SOS family.

Dear Friends, we are sure that you had seen about the terrible flood in Thailand since October this year, a lot of Thai people are very suffered from this situation.     

Luckily that SOS Children's Village Nongkhai and SOS Youth House Nongkhai are not in area of those flood and every of us are safe.  We, not only adults but also our children, they learned to share, they gave some of their pocket money collecting to help those people who got difficulty from the flood. 

We, mothers, children and staff always pray for all of you who help and support us. We request the Lord Buddha to bless you and protect you and your family from any danger and we request for peace in worldwide and we all wish you for,

SOS Children's Village Nongkhai