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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Vientiane, Laos

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Vientiane, Laos

A child sponsorship report from Vientiane in Laos. Written in 2011.

Dear Sponsors,

As known for this year, the appearance of disasters such Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuke crisis and following by the flooding events in many countries with catastrophe consequences as economic loss of property and enormous loss of the life. By the way our country especially in Nord and South of Laos were also affected by hard floods.  6 parentless siblings as the flooding victims had found their new loving home in our SOS Children’s Villages of Laos since September of this year.

The end of year 2011 will turns; from our part we would like to express our deepest thanks with gratitude for kind continuous support to our SOS Children’s Village Vientiane. Besides that we have a honor to present some predominant achievements of our SOS works in the whole  year 2011 to you.

SOS Children’s Village Vientiane had provided a sincere support for 192 children in need for long term care living in 14 family houses in which 9 were newly admitted in family houses No 01, 06, 10 and 13.

127 children living now in the village are growing up in physical and mental state, enjoyed learning to live in clean habit  and doing actively the house works which could help them in future to stand on their food by themselves in the society : in earlier morning  they cleaned off the house inside and surroundings , washed their clothes , prepared the breakfast before to school ; after school together enjoyed doing the vegetables garden. 

Our 27 young boys were happy to live in their homes. Nowadays they tried to stand on their foot by themselves with a good care, help and guidance from our 2 educators and the good cooperation from their village mothers who  paid  visit for them at least once a month. Those children continued to keep doing the house works in daily life at youth house as same as what they learned from their village mothers in their family houses. They found the fresh foods in the market and together prepared the breakfast, lunch and dinner for themselves. They learned the administration in the family how to use correctly the monthly budget, after school doing vegetables  garden, feeding fishes, frog and chickens belong of their activities. Besides that playing guitar, football, volley ball and betanque are their favorite sports. 

38 young boys and girls at Dormitory and Hostel:  kept their good relationship with the community where they live and had a satisfied result on education. On grand vacation they tried to visit their SOS families and spend their holidays together with their SOS brothers-sisters.  

Almost of our children had good school results in the last academic year: 2 young girls and 7 youth boys who passed with proud the leaving examination of secondary school tried to attend to University in different branches and to vocational schools. 15 girls and 10 boys are on university learning and 4 boys at vocational schools. Our 5 young girls and 4 boys  who  completed their education and have already found a job as English, French teachers, 

The school vacation activities become more interested by our children:  

A part of the routine activities in the village, all children enjoyed to visit the historic statue ‘Anouvong ‘which was recently inaugurated to become a public place in the border of the river Mekong. The most interested activities for the children are to play water at the water fall Hinkhanna, 30 km far from SOS Children’s Village Vientiane . To know and learn the traditional and religious festival ‘ Visa-khabouxa” which was held on October 12th 2011 , our children joined the ceremony in earlier morning by offering alms to monks in the pagoda, the candles lightening process in the evening and ended by viewing the boat racing at the Mekong river.

SOS Nursery:

115 kids from neighborhood  enrolled in 3 classes and 9 from ours in age of 3 and 4 enjoyed to have new friends . All of them interested of the various games activities. 26 kids at SOS Day care are under the good care from our 2 teachers. 

Dear Friends and Sponsors, on behalf of all of our children, mothers, aunts and everyone here,  allow us to express our hearty thanks with great gratitude for your generous and continuous support for our SOS works as far as for the bright future of our children in need and wishing all of you a strong health and peace.

SOS Children's Village Vientiane, Laos