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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Khartoum, Sudan

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Khartoum, Sudan

A child sponsorship report from Khartoum in Sudan. Written in 2011.

Dear sponsor,

I would like to send my greetings for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012. We here in SOS Children’s Villages Sudan commit ourselves for better services to our children to guarantee their future asking Almighty God to keep you guard you and care for you as you are serving and caring for the most needy categories of children.

SOS Sudan has been working hard for more than thirty years taking care of abandoned children. It is our target to turn them into good boys and girls accepted by the community. We remain in Sudan a good example for child care model reducing the tremendous need of child care in the country. Our mothers in the same time are sharing their lives and devote themselves to care for the children.

Out of the 99 children 54 are in different school distributed, as 31 private schools 17 in governmental schools 6 in special education 22 in nursery and 23 are still babies staying with their mothers in houses .The general result of this term for all students is 85%.

This year all SOS families in Sudan said farewell to BABA Taj the village’s director who went on pension last august 2011 Baba Taj spent half of his age serving SOS families. Generations of those who are living now independently and successfully were taken care of by him. So we owe him much. He left with his family to live outside the village after handing over to his last assistant Mr. Abdel Galil.

During this year first of September 2011, we have a remarkable support from SOMMAR sport institution. They are running sport training for children in soccer, basketball outside the villages. More over 14 children who are under preparation are registered in public sport hall (Hashim Daifalla Hall). At the same time life skills sessions for children are held inside the village every Saturday. We all gather together, eat breakfast and the children start chatting, discussing, planning. In these sessions we talk with them on child rights and life education, we also lead their activities to cope with country future like farming and other home activities.

In 21/7/2011 13 of our children have participated in SOS international Film making. In the same time a number of children were lucky to attend Sudan broad cast festivals on the occasion of Eid Alfitr. On 12/3/2011 the children celebrated the Mother’s Day in and outside the village. Some of the youth brought gifts to their families in the villages.

During the period between Jan & Nov. 2011, SOS children witnessed many visits by outstanding figures from Sudan and abroad. On 12th Sep. 2011, the Ministry of Youth and Sports paid a visit to the village. This is beside the visit of the Minister of Social Affairs. We also have been honored by visits of Mr.Claudio the project director for Sudan and Egypt and the Middle East and Amal Mouawia the Regional (Family Based Care) FBC Advisor who held meetings with SOS mothers and coworkers. The high Academic institutions cooperated with the village in development programs.

The SOS nursery is a part of the village compound, and the total number of children is 50.  2 out of them are from neighboring area. The SOS youth house for girls accommodates 9 girls. Sticking to Sudanese culture and tradition, they are staying in separate house with the village.

This year the number of the SOS boys in houses is 73. 5 out of them have graduated and become independent and have got jobs as technicians, hoteliers and a driver. In the same time 5 boys from the village were admitted. Allocation of the rooms in the houses always runs according to the youths’ education and vocational training. Out of this number there are 10 boys in different universities, 15 in high secondary schools, 13 in basic stage and 35 boys in different vocational centers. The youth administration is keen on upgrading the levels of education for the youth by appointing qualified teachers every year for 8 months. In sports the youth house administration has built a solid team during the last 5 years. In addition, most of the youth are participating as members in community clubs.
In regard to the SOS Sudan Family Strengthening Program (FSP) the program is keeping on assisting children within their families by providing them with education, food and health care. In 2011, an additional 150 children were taken care of as compared to the 400 children in 2010 reaching a total of 550 children in the communities of Ombada (Abosaid) in Omdurman and Khartoum North as well as Khartoum.

In the SOS Social Center Ombada we held 20 awareness sessions for the community on child rights and child abuse issues using the SOS Child Protection Policy as a key to enable the community in the different locations in Khartoum to care for their children and get in contact with SOS and governmental offices for the right decisions in case of abuse. The SOS Vocational Training Center in Ombada-Omdurman trained 100 youngsters from the community in different skills (general electricity, building, plumbing and sewing) and our Vocational Training team is now in the process of finding possible jobs for some of them.    

The (4) SOS Hermann Gmeiner Schools in Khartoum and Omdurman are providing their educational services to the communities of Khartoum and Omdurman in a good way and a number of 2371 children from those communities have been enjoying our free educational services in those schools.

We are very grateful for the continued support of our honorable sponsors to our Orphans in Khartoum in particular and SOS Children’s Villages Worldwide.

SOS Children's Village Khartoum