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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Gikongoro, Rwanda

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Gikongoro, Rwanda

A child sponsorship report from Gikongoro in Rwanda. Written in 2011.

Dear sponsor,

We are very happy to send you this message of best wishes for Christmas and New Year.

This year which is nearing its end, will have been good enough, the price having maintained a virtually constant level, the month of July, August relatively expensive, hot and dry have experienced an exception. There have been rains from the beginning of August, which is rare and the drought's effect on the local crops has not been felt, the national campaign to increase crop harvests through policies such as the improvement of seeds, the distribution of fertilizers, the regional specializations, etc…

The Village completed the year with 120 children (the maximum) among whom 12 are still very young and have not yet started the school, 24 in nursery, 76 in the primary school among whom 10 of them have passed the test of end of primary school and 7 in high school. They were too young to be admitted in the SOS youth’s homes and they will go there this year.

Children’s Observers of children’s Rights were voted by their colleagues and they help us to improve the communication with their brothers and sisters. Due to the insufficiency of the results of SOS children at the end of the primary school, we have appealed to an external teacher as this is often done by other parents and we hope for great improvements of the results.

As usual, there was a departure among the aunts who went pursue her University studies.  We also benefited from the training in listening by a specialist and the beneficiaries were: the Village Director, the social worker, SOS mothers and SOS aunts who highly appreciated his inputs especially his appeal in the biology of the faith, to his lessons on the answers "reactions" or "reflection" and that in case of regular aggression, the reactions give the reflections.

The gardens of the Village, which were usually operated by the families SOS, were handed over to the SOS Village; they are now planted of the feed to maintain a farm started at SOS Children’s Village with the support of the Ministry of Gender and the Family Promotion (MIGEPROF).

This year, during the mother’s day, our mothers, aunts, and Director of the Village visited the National Park of Nyungwe located at a distance of some 25 km from the SOS Children’s Village of Gikongoro. The visit was interesting, an exercise on the Canopy walk way (bridge hanging between two hills) of 160m and 60m in height which allows you to observe the forest and wildlife by waking over the National Park.

The SOS Primary School Gikongoro has 414 pupils and among them, 61 sat for the National Primary Leaving school examinations this year. There exist 10 clubs at this school and one of them, is responsible for the promotion of children’s Rights. Our SOS Primary school continues to be the best perfuming school in the whole region.

SOS Nursery Gikongoro also account for 108 children. Leisure time activities by the children of this kindergarten are exhibited in some ceremonies such as the end of the school year.

On the occasion of the day of the African Child (16/06), this year the children of the SOS Children’s Village played a football match with the street children of our town. We also celebrated the baptism ceremonies of five SOS children. We were also honored by the visit of her Royal Highness, Princess Benedikte of Denmark.

Contrary to what you were told the previous year, none of our teams was able to win a national trophy and they were not able to pass the provincial level.

At the end of year, the homes of the SOS youths totals up to 95 youths who are all either in high school, in professional training or at the university. As previously announced, we emancipated SOS youths, they are currently employed in the informal sector, and two are builders at the constructing sites which is a two-hour drive from SOS Children’s Village.

As for the Family strengthening programme (FSP), it is developing well. We have emancipated the first 50 beneficiaries of the program admitted in 2005, after five years of assistance. Although they are relatively strengthened, the tuition fee still remains expensive they are still not able to pay for themselves.

But already at least one youth who benefited from the support of this Program to complete the senior secondary school, is currently completing his higher education in a teachers training school. Another youth is continuing her studies in a Higher Institute of Technology, and these are so far the beneficiaries of the Program that have been able to satisfy the conditions for the scholarship by the Ministry of education for the admission to the higher schools of leaning.

A total of nine former beneficiaries are currently at the university. Others have been admitted to the SOS High Technical School which is excellent in professional studies.

We conclude this report by wishing to you a pleasant Christmas and New Year 2012.

SOS Children’s Village Gikongoro