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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Callao, Peru

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Callao, Peru

A child sponsorship report from Callao in Peru. Written in 2011.

Dear sponsors,

Currently, the SOS families provide love and care to 98 children and adolescents, and 25 young adults under other housing options with the support of their families or relatives. Also, the Biological Families Programme provides help to 883 children through 16 childminding programmes.

In the beginning of this year, our SOS mothers made the most of school vacations by organizing trips to the beach, cinema or recreational parks. Some of our children are taking reinforcement classes or visiting their biological families. Others are attending sports and artistic workshops, while adolescents and young adults are working at temporal jobs to gain work experience and social networks.

We keep providing the SOS families permanent counseling identifying their needs, referring their cases to the specialists, promoting workshops on topics such as self-esteem and social skills among groups of children from 5 to 7 and 8 to 10 years old. We also provided sexuality and emotional intelligence workshops to adolescents from 11 to 14 years old. We promoted the early stimulation program to children under 2 years old; this was done in collaboration with students of a particular university. We organized health campaigns to children in the following topics: General Medicine, Deontology, Weight & Height Evaluations, and Anemia & Parasites Prevention. The health campaign was carried out in collaboration with a local clinic and medical centers.

We organized Family Integration activities such as trips, contests, games, family assignments and reflexive dynamics with participation of all parents and children. In August, 80 children of the village had a great time at “Divercity”, a theme park for kids where children play adults role while they are amusing, learning and reinforcing life values. This visit was organized by one of our SOS Children’s Village Ambassadors in Peru who actively participates in all events our organization promotes.

In September we celebrated Family Day and organized several activities for the SOS families and biological families. Everyone spent a great time and the children were very excited to participate at the dancing and singing talent show. We also had a gastronomic fair where 26 dishes from different regions of Peru were presented; they were evaluated on a nutritional value, cleanness, creativity, cost and presentation basis. We had 186 families who actively participated in the different activities we had. All children, adolescents and young adults showed their talents respecting their right to participation.

In October we organized a collection campaign where all SOS mothers prepared various dishes and a traditional Peruvian dessert. The children had an awesome time playing around and participating in the sports championship. We also had the support of the community neighbors, companies, biological parents and general public.

Also, our children won the Lima Kids Soccer Tournament in the 9-10 years old category. We continue to strengthen the vocational counseling among the adolescents with dynamic workshops where they share personal experiences they had with friends from other schools. In addition, 21 adolescents participated in the “Company Program” (Developing Young Entrepreneurs) which is sponsored by Junior Achievement and Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola. The purpose of the program is to raise topics such as personal development and overcoming, as well as, entrepreneurship and financial literacy, workforce readiness, integration and communication skills.

Finally, we want to thank you for all your continued and invaluable support. Without your help, and the help of people like you, we simply cannot continue our lifesaving work and SOS Children’s Village founder said “...there’s nothing more beautiful in the world than looking after a child…”

SOS Children's Village Callao