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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Bucharest, Romania

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Bucharest, Romania

A child sponsorship report from Bucharest in Romania. Written in 2011.

Dear sponsor, 

On the 1st of June we had a big event which hosted 300 children on their special day. Nursery kids performed in a story carnival, each one dressed up as a story character: fairies, princes, wizards were all over the stage. Elder children also gave their best throughout musical games, dances and childhood songs. They all gathered up with their families in teams and took part in contests and fun games, happy to work together in completing all the tasks. In the end they were all winners, along with joy and joviality. They spent a few wonderful hours together, they got gifts and parents reminded their childhood.

The summer holiday was next in line, and children went in camps, trips, walks and fun activities. This summer was indeed special. For almost a month 3 volunteers from France visited the Village, spent time with the children, played together, shared stories and helped them practice their French.

Children finished the school year in June, having good and very good results, being rewarded with a trip to the sea: they swam, they went to an amusement park and they enjoyed each moment they had together.

Another relaxing and learning experience was the creative camp they attended at the Village Museum. During 6 weeks kids learned how to make jewelry, masks, dolls, how to paint different things, expressing and developing their aesthetical sense.

But the most challenging event of all was our summer camp in the mountains, specially created for developing kids’ independent life skills. We didn't exactly set a destination for this camp, from the very beginning. The car went up to the top of the mountain and we started looking for a place to stay, where to put our camp for next 4 days, our “home”. We had to go next to the river to realize that it was the place we were looking for, just for us. We settled our camp, we made a fire, we cooked and in the evening we thought about all the things we were going to do the next day. Each day we challenged ourselves to gather more wood, to diversify our cooking and to tell as many jokes as possible around our bonfire. The river was our friend while we swam in it, we built small pools and we washed the dishes. The warming bonfire helped us make tighter our friendships and spend 4 days of communion and harmony in nature.

As our autumn began with beautiful and peaceful sunny days here in SOS Children’s Village Bucharest, it was an excellent time for children to start school once again and for us to start a new season of special events.

Our calendar is full of events for the next months, but we will share with you the great Menzies Aviation Event (6-7th October 2011), which gathered volunteers from all over the world, our children, SOS mothers, colors and emotions. For this event the main focus was on encouraging our children’s artistic skills. The sun was still sending warm rays, so the volunteers and our children painted outside 12 giant panels which were put on the surrounding fence of the Village. The volunteers also managed to build a wooden pavilion in only 2 days! It all ended with a big party, an explosion of colors everywhere. Children had their faces painted; they danced and enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere the animators maintained. Music played all evening and everybody was in verve. After the volunteers unveiled the pavilion – which was a surprise – they received some special presents, handmade by our children. Another 48 panels were painted in the painting club and will be soon exposed for everyone, to look at the talent of our children.

Beautiful things happen to those who believe in them! We believe in the children who live in SOS Children’s Village Bucharest and we’re always thinking of new ways to make them happy, to feel protected and to grow in a friendly atmosphere, just like in a big family.

We appreciate all the support and generosity you offer to our children and youths, of whom we are very proud of.

SOS Children's Village Bucharest