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sponsored children in Angola school
The SOS Children's Village in Lubango has 13 family houses which are home to 130 children. The Village also has a nursery school, a primary school, a clinic, an outreach programme to help prevent family collapse and child abandonment in the community, and a small farm. … more about our charity work in Angola

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Benguela, Angola

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Benguela, Angola

A child sponsorship report from Benguela in Angola. Written in 2011.

Dear Sponsors and Friends,

Please hereby receive the warmest greetings from the SOS Children´s Village in Benguela. It’s time to update you with much news once past 6 months.

Once again, the SOS Village in Benguela is an example of strong commitment to help children without parental care. Occupancy was highly achieved with the admission of 6 new children totalling 121 children on our care.

Six years after its establishment in the country, the SOS Children’s Village in Benguela is witnessing the rapid development of its children. 78 teenagers are living in the Village and are currently benefitting from adolescent development programmes which focus on the development and the strengthening of life skills that relate to sickness prevention and hygiene as well as on peer pressure and other adolescent education programmes. Many of the activities under this programme are conducting in very friendly and relaxed environments such as picnics and holiday camps. Constructions plans are well underway for the youth facility to be established in the Village within the next couple of years.

SOS Village Benguela, still being one of the most privileged in terms of visiting. Being so last February we received a wide team from Portuguese school in Luanda.  They were in total of 160 people, among them; children, parents and teachers. The propose of the visiting was to spend the day with our children by playing and looking to know more how SOS works and how is the daily live of SOS mothers and children and  beside that raising same funds.  At the end of the visiting we could realize that the visitors were very much impressed with the great work SOS has been done for those children.

We can also refer to the notable presence of the Angolan singers who are called by Gingas do Makulusso, who brought joy and happiness into our Village. We got the change to listen and dancing same of their great success.

Hermann Gmeiner School

This is being a very special year for the school which for the first time had students completing grade 9, the exit class.  The school management, supported by the finalist students and their parents prepared a joyful ceremony that marked the graduation of grade 9 students. There were 69 awardees and many of their family members and friends were also attending the ceremony.  A representative from the department of education was the Chief Guest for the function and awarded the certificates to the Graduates. In his address, he emphasized the Ministry of Education commitment to support the SOS school on its mandate to reach underprivileged students with education of good quality. The awarded certificates qualify students to pursue their studies in any high schools inside and outside the country.

In 2010, 792 students were serviced, 103 of which were SOS Children and 60 from the Family Strengthening Programme. This year, despite the introduction of grade 9, an academic grade with much higher level of complexity, the achieved 89,5% passing rate  from last year continues to position the school as one of the most successful schools within the province.

Medical Centre

During the first quarter SOS medical centre provided a qualified medical assistance for 1519 beneficiaries. Benguela still being the province with highest level of death and malaria still in at the top, beside that there are others pathologies surrounding the province like meningitis, respiratory problems, diarrhea.  Many campaign are running in order to advice people how important is to sleep under the mosquito net and to prevent unnecessary death. 

The SOS Village has the privilege of receiving home visits from the nurse personnel who scrutinize all health issues in their inspection and support visits. More than 45 workshops was hold and it was discussed different kinds of issues like: Sexual education and the risk to fall into an immature pregnancy and the chairman was Mr. Laurindo Bimba one of the centre nurse. All necessary structural changes have been made and part of the lab equipment has been purchased for the laboratory tests to start. The absence of the lab and other specialty services make the nurses to resort to professional referral when necessary.


In 2011 the program serviced 212 children living in 55 vulnerable families. The main challenges facing families in the programme continue to be the lack of enough resources as well as lack of parental abilities to care for their children. The programme is still very much on emergency levels with children benefitting from the distribution of food parcels, clothing and free education at the SOS education facilities.

As follow the program statistics:

As mentioned above the program provides service to 212 children in which 61 studying at the SOS Hermann Gmeiner school, 13 at Nursery and 38 enrolled in the surrounding community.

Once again on behalf of SOS Children's village Benguela, we would like to thank you very much for your valuable support and contribution towards our children.

May God Bless You!

Yours Sincerely

SOS Children's Village Benguela