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Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Kita, Mali

Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Kita, Mali

A child sponsorship report from Kita in Mali. Written in 2011.

Dear sponsors,

News during this period is about admissions, health, school achievement, summer camps, socio-educational activities, guidance for mothers and aunts in their professional activities, activities planned in the SOS programme, children’s stay in families, planning for the new school year, partners and the community.

With the entry of 4 children, the total number of the SOS Children is 150 children distributed among 15 Family Homes that is 10 children per family, 66 girls and 84 boys.

In October, 101 students will go back to school, 29 children to nursery and 20 infants will remain in families.

As a whole, children are doing well thanks to preventive measures such as the use of insecticide-treated mosquito nets to prevent malaria, hygiene, immunizations, animations and debates on diseases organized by the nurse to the attention of the SOS mothers and aunts.

The results of the school year are good as a whole with 92% rate of moving to the upper grade.  Difficulties met by students have been overcome thanks to remedial courses organized all through the year. In terms of ranking at school, children topped and won many prizes composed of notebooks, pens, impregnated mosquito nets etc...

Under planning for the next school year, remedial courses are organized for new pupils and those who met some difficulties during the past school year. They are all together 37 pupils to participate in these courses.

Concerning spare-time activities, children did some outings, visited organized under the supervision of educators, aunts and the animator under summer camps which objectives were among others to make children discover new horizons, to establish contact with other children and share experiences with them.

Thus, some among them discovered the capital city of Mali (Bamako) for the first time, just like the cliffs of Bandiagara and the Mosque of Djenne (tourist site). For 25 days, they traveled more than 1300km in order to discover part of the country namely the capital city and the 5th region (Mopti region). This summer camp was beneficial whichever way you look at: cultural, relational, entertainment and others. These periods will become part of the unforgettable moments for children and the management team.

Under the socio-educational activities, young girls’ training in dress making continues with satisfaction, and this training has been extended to the young girls of the SOS Hermann Gmeiner School.

Gardening activities went on during April, May and June and ended during the rainy season. During the rainy season families shifted to the farming of groundnut, millet, maize and cotton.

The workshop "making bamboo chair" was initiated with the training of educators in the first instance. Educators in turn will be in charge of training children.

To better support mothers and aunts in their activities, a coaching was held from April 04 to 19 with the SOS Mother Rosalie KONE one of the first SOS mothers of the SOS Children's Village of Sanankoroba, now retired after 20 years experience in children care. She accepted to share her knowledge, expertise with the new mothers of the new SOS Children's Village of Kita which opened in November 2009.

During her stay, Rosalie debated with mothers issues related to monitoring children's schooling, various child behaviors, the good and honest collaboration between mothers and aunts in children’s education, family management, support provided to the mother by colleagues, mothers’ work time scheduling, children’s love, listening and communicating with children,  puberty age, mothers’ retirement etc....

Dear sponsors, with the Smile and Hope of the Children from the SOS Children's Village of Kita, please accept our warmest greetings.

Kita, November 3, 2011